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Triple Crown Construction is a specialized team of hotel renovation professionals who are passionate about providing Partner-Grade hotel renovation experiences to its Client-Partners.

As a Partner, you'll enjoy working with a General Contractor with a track record of successful performance, a reputation for professionalism and a standard of serving with excellence.

From pre-construction to final closeout, the firm prides itself in clear communication, high-quality workmanship, proactive solutions and accurate information.

For over 26 years, Triple Crown Construction has been a Hotel Renovation General Contractor with a commitment to Raising the Standard of Excellence .

That's Partner-Grade.

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Your next hotel renovation project will be unique in its design, operational objectives and construction challenges. You want the assurance of working with a Partner-Grade team that delivers successfully no matter the challenge.

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Rely on Triple Crown Construction’s extensive experience, breadth of expertise and attention to detail to achieve your project goals, from pre-planning to final completion.

Hospitality Renovation Capabilities at Triple Crown Construction

With a legacy of over 26 years in hotel renovation experience, Triple Crown Construction has delivered at an unmatched standard called Partner-Grade:  Its commitment to raising the standard of excellence in hotel renovation.

The Hospitality Renovation Team | Triple Crown Construction

Each member of the Triple Crown Construction Team makes both individual and team contributions to ensure that every project has excellent communication, high-quality workmanship, proactive customer support and is completed successfully.

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“Allowing Triple Crown to be involved in the early stages of project discussions and planning was one of the reasons why this multi-phase project was so successful.”

Chris Rapp, President, Triple Crown Construction

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Multi-phase renovation requires solid relationships and unique logistics.

Herndon Hyatt House
  • "Triple Crown knows the industry and how to deal with all the players. You don't need to hand-hold them, which means much less work for me."

    – Ken Engel, HEI
  • "Triple Crown is the total package. A great partner. By doing what they do so well, they allow operators like us to do what we do best … operate hotels!"

    - Doug Duba, Director of Portfolio Management, Pinnacle Hotel Management
  • "I launch a project with Triple Crown. Expectations are met. They get the job done."

    – Bill Hoy, Vice President of CDFMG, Shaner Hotel Management

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