5 Things to Know About Multi-Generational Design

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February 20, 2018

Hotel designers are taking a new look at what appeals to today’s guests, young couples on a vacation, the business traveler, or families enjoying an extended stay. The article by Danielle Hess, writer for Hotel News Now, asks the leading design experts what they feel is important to remember when making changes in existing hotels as well as new construction, and it’s crossing generations.

Experts agree that hotel design should maintain its multigenerational appeal, as what a young couple with children finds both comfortable and intriguing also appeals to older travelers. After seeing their research and guest responses, it seems that what all guests appreciate in a hotel is not so different. Every guest has the same basic needs, a comfortable clean room with good towels and a comfortable bed. But to attract return guests and get great reviews, design is key. If you build it they will come, but if you design it well they will stay.

Triple Crown Construction works with designers to bring out the best in each location. Designers have learned that multigenerational design is key to attracting and pleasing all their guests. Triple Crown Construction has stayed ahead of the pack by utilizing this planning in their partnership with the industry’s top hotel brands.

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