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Chris Rapp

January 14, 2020

Every year brings new fun celebrations to our calendar, some sillier than others—have you heard of National Pepperoni Pizza Day or even Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yep, those are real—but here at Triple Crown Construction we take one of these extraneous “holidays” very seriously—National Ugly Sweater Day, which takes place every year on December 20th.

To honor this important annual occasion, we held an Ugly Sweater Potluck lunch party on the 20th (perfect timing, the last Friday before our holiday break), and told our team not to hold back on the attire. Let me tell you, there were some crazy, “ugly” sweaters.

Ugly Sweater party

Winner - Ugly SweaterWe held a competition for Best Ugly Sweater, with the winner taking home lottery tickets (and if they win big, they should totally share with us—once they’ve upgraded their holiday wardrobe, of course). In the end, Mark Cooney took home the win with his merry ensemble.

Since it was a TCC party there was also plenty of food—in case it wasn’t obvious, many of us are highly motivated by food more than anything else. This potluck turned into the ultimate lunch feast with a beef pot roast, macaroni and cheese, two different styles of quiche, pasta salad, sandwich pinwheels, and more desserts than you can shake a candy cane at.

And what’s a holiday party without some fun games? We’re also a competitive bunch at times (which means when the prize for a competition is food, watch out!). We played “Christmas Carol Crunch,” “What’s on Your Phone”, a holiday version of “Heads Up,” and more!

Games, food, and tacky sweaters aside, it was really lovely to spend an afternoon with friends and coworkers, enjoying one another’s company and remembering the reason for the season—those we love to spend time with! Spreading joy, and taking a moment to experience it ourselves, that’s what we want to focus on at the end of another busy year. As we look forward to 2020, which will be a big and important year for TCC, we take a moment to remember all the smiles in 2019, and the people who made them happen!

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Chris Rapp

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