Camp Bow Wow

Frederick MD doggy daycare, boarding and grooming facility

Project Scope:
Tenant Fit Out
Hotel Name:
Camp Bow Wow - Frederick, MD
1341 Hughes Ford Road, Suite 119-E, Frederick, MD
Interplan, LLC
Date Completed:
February 28, 2020
Camp Bow Wow, a leader in professional services such as doggy care, boarding, and more for your furry friends. Dog lovers have enjoyed top notch services from Camp Bow Wow since 2000 providing a fun and dependable experience that dog parents and their pups all love. With more than 170 locations all across the US, give your pet the TLC they deserve wherever you might be.

Triple Crown Construction is proud to have worked with Erin, Brad and Will in opening the first Camp Bow Wow franchise in Frederick, MD. Working with a 7,723 square foot interior fit-out of an existing occupied building to create a dog day care, boarding and grooming facility comprising of 61 kennels and 5 luxury suites along with the construction of indoor and outdoor play areas. Assistance was also provided in negotiations with the property owner to ensure the exterior and unit met the necessary state, local and franchise requirements.
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