Camp Bow Wow, Frederick, MD

Tennant Fit Out Within Tight Deadline Requirements


“The entire Triple Crown Team, from the President on down, ensured that we knew they were as invested in the success of our project as they were. They take pride in their work, are available as needed, and have the skills, talents, and connections to get your job done!”

Erin Marr, Camp Bow Wow Co-Owner

Case Study

Camp Bow Wow is located in Frederick, MD, and is part of a national franchise offering Pet Parents a variety of services including Doggy Day Care, Boarding, Dog Training, Grooming, In-Home Pet Care, Dog Walking, Poop Scooping, and even a Shuttle Service. Triple Crown Construction was hired after the owners finalized an 8000 SF space to build out their property using the national franchise specifications. A fast-track completion was scheduled to honor the owners’ wish to be open before Spring Break 2020. Partner-Grade performance was evident at every stage to ensure this project was delivered on-time and within budget.

By the numbers:

1 Luxury Dog Hotel.

61 Dog Cabins Assembled

3 Indoor Play Areas.

3 Outdoor Play Yards.

The Partner-Grade Experience

The entire experience made the owners of Camp Bow Wow feel like Triple Crown was part of their team, rather than just a contractor they had hired. Upon interviewing the owners after the project was completed, they were delighted to share that Triple Crown gave them a Partner-Grade Experience by:

– Helping them coordinate between the franchise construction manager in Colorado and their landlord as they addressed project challenges. They were always available to answer questions and make sure everything was done properly throughout the entire project engagement.*

– Being incredibly responsive each step of the way, with leadership stopping by (in addition to the project supervisor being on site regularly) to check-in to make sure they were happy and their needs were being met.

– Going out their way to mention Camp Bow Wow on social media and promoted them in other ways since they were a new local community business.


Tenant’s location was below grade and leaky, with a potential for mold growth because foundation was never sealed.

  • Worked with owners and landlord establishing lines of responsibility and maintained high communication to work as a team to fix the issues.


Rooftop AC Unit had no support to hold its weight.

  • Assisted with design and worked with structural engineer to rectify it to remove safety concerns.


Exterior grade was higher than the internal slab which interfered with build-out timeline.

  • TCC acted as a consultant for the owners to work with the Landlord to adjust the architectural design to meet local codes, and brought crews in on the weekends to continue with other sections of build-out to ensure project completion timeline.


Franchise furniture from another location for the pet cabin area had to be re-assembled onsite.

  • Utilized franchise specifications to re-fit cabins together like “legos” to utilize the space effectively.

Before Images

Boarding Area
Boarding Area2
Enrichment Room
Exterior Grading
Front Entry Grading
Front Lobby
Front Lobby2
Lobby Prep Work
Luxury Suite
Luxury Suites Corridor
Outdoor Play Yard
Prep Room
Prep Room2

After Images

032CBW2 Retouched2902 (2)
029CBW2 Retouched2894 (2)
003CBW2 Retouched2824 (1)
028CBW2 Retouched2893
025CBW2 Retouched2885 (1)
024CBW2 Retouched2882
023CBW2 Retouched2880
021CBW2 Retouched2878 (1)
020CBW2 Retouched2876
019CBW2 Retouched2875 (1)
018CBW2 Retouched2874
017CBW2 Retouched2871
016CBW2 Retouched2869 (1)
015CBW2 Retouched2855
013CBW2 Retouched2851
011CBW2 Retouched2867 (1)
009CBW2 Retouched2820
008CBW2 Retouched2843
006CBW2 Retouched2838

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