Eagle Eyes


Greg Maciulla

"Eagle Eyes"

Construction Operations Manager

When it comes to project concerns, I can see them long before they materialize. I notice the not-so-obvious issues and have them addressed before they can become critical concerns.

We have a great team here at Triple Crown, one that is engaged and determined. I believe in doing something the right way or not doing it at all, and I appreciate that the team can get behind me on that when I’m walking a project, assessing not just what needs attention now but what will in the future, and what we can do today to prevent a headache tomorrow. Taking an aerial view lets us get it done right the first time, ahead of schedule and under budget.

I value the opportunities Triple Crown offers to grow and be an active participant in the organization and its culture—it’s a family here, but a family that works very hard to build a strong foundation through collaboration and communication. It’s great to work on a team that is able to work through concerns and adversity; doing so makes us all stronger in the end. I spent nearly a decade with commercial construction firms before coming here, and if there’s one thing I know to be certain its that challenges will always take forms that will surprise you.

In my career I’ve managed a full range of commercial construction activities, multiple at a time: school and facilities construction projects, a college administration building, a regional bank, as well as Frederick County buildings such as the Courthouse, Adult Detention Center, and Winchester Hall. In doing so I needed to collaborate with architects, civil engineers, state and local authorities, property managers, corporate boards, and many other types of stakeholders, each person with their own specific needs and concerns. You can’t prepare for every possible scenario, so having the fundamentals down—a communicative, trusting team; hard work ethic; and flexibility—is key to success in this industry.

I have the opportunity to really put my strengths to work in my role here, whether that strength is project issue resolution (or prevention) or being able to negotiate in a way that is ethical, honest, and to everyone’s satisfaction. Plus, being able to remain calm and rational even in an environment that can often be hectic and demanding is a skill I’m grateful to possess, as it comes in very handy in my position!

When I’m not overseeing a construction job, I’m serving as the de facto shuttle driver for my kids to their many activities—baseball, soccer, lacrosse, fishing, music, and more. When they’re off the clock, I love spending time with the whole family and have some gardens at home that I enjoy tending to as well. I also stay busy contributing to a number of groups and associations, such as the Frederick Chamber of Commerce, Frederick County Building Industry Association, Maryland Hotel Lodging Association, and the ACE Mentor program.

Triple Crown shares my belief that you should always go above and beyond, whether it’s a customer’s expectations or your own. I know the industry standards for quality, but I try to hold my work to an even higher one. As Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

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