Our Mission is Our Purpose

We are a General Contractor that is engaged with your project team, passionate about delivering excellent results and committed to our clients' confidence in successful performance. 

Our Vision is Our Future

To be leaders in the business world through our continuous journey of raising the standard of excellence.

Core Values: The Triple Crown Way

The Triple Crown Way is the way we choose to do business.  It is beyond just getting the job done; it’s the methods and tactics that we use to ensure our stakeholders benefit from our relationship.  Like the Mission and Vision statements, the Triple Crown Way is unique to us.  There are six areas of focus with the Triple Crown Way:

Successful performance

We strive to approach every project efficiently to deliver quality, service, and value. We are committed to raising the standard of excellence in hospitality renovations.

Our Culture

  • Our family encourages hard work, commitment, loyalty, teamwork, and flexibility while having fun.
  • We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, personal growth, and professional development.
  • We believe our family is our greatest reward.

Our Community

  • We represent leadership with the communities we serve.
  • Our family has a people first mentally, a customer focus and respect for our community.
  • We are devoted to engaging in relationships that are both good-natured and rewarding for all.

Our Approach

  • Add value by engaging with and being committed to our partners by leveraging our team approach, experience, flexibility, and a problem-solving mentality.
  • At every opportunity, we strive for excellence to instill confidence, loyalty and demonstrate accountability.

Our Team

  • We are well-rounded, have a positive attitude, we’re motivated and engaged with our world.
  • We value loyalty, trust, honesty, and integrity.
  • We are innovative leaders who have a passion for those we serve.

Our Clients

  • We serve those who are committed to improving their customer’s experience.
  • Our clients are those who value experience, expertise, and successful performance.

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