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Cassandra Soto

"Director of Fun"

Brand & Marketing Strategist

I’ve worked in the construction industry for a number of years, and in a variety of roles before that, and I’ve never had more fun than I do at Triple Crown.

I received my bachelor’s degree in interior design from La Roche College back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, and from there started on the long winding road that, luckily, led me to Triple Crown Construction. Most recently prior to starting here, I was a project manager for a construction management firm in Middletown for nearly six years. It was a terrific chance to gain experience handling project administration, site supervision, marketing, business development, and more, but I wanted something further out of my work life.

I’ve worked in the construction industry for a number of years, and in a variety of roles before that, and I’ve never had more fun than I do at Triple Crown. Referring to your work colleagues as “family” can be a little overdone, but everyone here agrees with that assessment, as it really is something special we have going here. Everyone watches out for one another, we work hard, and we take fun seriously—finding moments to laugh and have fun is crucial to a healthy work environment, in my opinion.

My responsibilities include building brand awareness for Triple Crown Construction in the construction and hotel renovation industries and increasing our involvement within the local community. Being a known entity and having us come to mind first for locals, with positive feelings attached, is crucial for continuing to grow the business, but it’s also important for the local Frederick community to know that we’re here and active around town. We take the responsibility of being a good neighbor seriously, and I oversee our participation in local events, sponsorships and partnerships, anything that the company can do to help the Frederick community continue to thrive and grow.

Being the “Director of Fun”, I spearhead some of the more…unique initiatives around the office. For example, there was the time we celebrated a “monster” year at the company by running a fun social media campaign in which a stuffed monster plush toy hung out around the office for the month of December, organizing our resource library, sitting in on meetings, and answering phones (in addition to getting into quite a bit of mischief). Like I said, we have a lot of fun in this office, and to be the driving force behind a lot of it is very enjoyable for me.

When I’m not at the office, I do a fair amount of volunteer work—giving back is something that was instilled in me from a young age, and it’s something the whole team at Triple Crown shares, another reason I feel so comfortable here. Currently I’m the vice-chair for Blue Crabs and Blue Prints, an annual fundraising event and crab feast to raise money for Frederick County Habitat for Humanity build projects. I also enjoy volunteering for Main Street Middletown community events, such as Middletown Pride Valley Wide and Christmas in the Valley.

And when I’m not at the office or volunteering, I’m hitting the road. I have a serious travel bug and take my bucket list seriously—it’s long and I have many places to cross off the list. There’s a big, beautiful world out there, and it’s great to be a part of building it with Triple Crown Construction, but sometimes it’s nice to just see the sights and soak it all in.

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