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Catherine Payne

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Contract Administrator

At Triple Crown Construction, I feel valued, invested in, and part of something bigger than myself.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and the ability to utilize clear, strategic thinking to solve complex issues. In other words, I fit perfectly in the construction industry, where the slightest error at any step—from the conceptual stage to the actual building or renovating of the property to project completion—will reverberate through every other aspect of the process. The company needs to be a well-oiled machine–and ensuring that contracts are clear, understood, and that risks are mitigated is a significant role of which I take great pride.

Triple Crown Construction is a dream job in that way since I’m able to constantly challenge myself. It’s satisfying knowing one’s position has such a significant impact! I attended University of Michigan and Depaul University, and constantly engage in lifelong learning, both in the classroom and online. The company also provides many opportunities to grow my skills and knowledge through regular training programs, which is gratifying.

My primary responsibilities include preparing and issuing project subcontracts, ensuring that Triple Crown Construction is in compliance with owner requirements, analyzing potential insurance risks, coordinating with vendors, and generating regular contract and agreement status reports.

Prior to working here, I held various construction project management roles on mid- to large-sized projects for construction management firms, general contractors, commercial owner-builders and real estate developers, and REITs. I participated in the construction of many different types of commercial construction projects; renovations and additions to retail spaces, casinos, multi-family developments, as well as a sports stadium.

I am grateful to have gained experience in the roles and responsibilities such as oversight and management of subcontractors and suppliers, budget management, and insurance compliance. All of which has led me here where I feel valued, invested in, and part of something bigger than myself.

A passion for architecture and art has followed me throughout my life. Having studied interior design academically and traveling internationally I have been able to explore design styles throughout history. I like to share that passion with others as well by creating comfortable and pleasant spaces for friends and family. After all, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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