Rhody Ross

Rhody Ross


Business Development Manager

Using organized communication between Triple Crown and our clients, I can proactively reconcile differences and offer solutions before a project schedule or budget is impacted. The Triple Crown team works well with each other which adds to our ability and strengths to benefit our clients and their hospitality guests.

Over the past 20 years in the construction industry, I’ve learned how to gain a high level of understanding by listening and learning about the client’s end goals. As a project manager for Triple Crown, meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations is paramount. Once I know a client’s end goals, I can set up the renovation plan documentation and flowchart with critical narratives for each step to meet client expectations.

I have a unique perspective on hospitality renovation since I was previously a regional controller for a large hotel chain and also as a general contractor on staff for another hotel ownership group. I use my past experience to help establish an open line of communication to discuss budget planning and proposal options with the owner reps and their team.

After the project plan is approved, I’m held accountable for dealing with any changes in the budget or project details. Using all forms of communication and the Procore software, I am able to monitor and know what’s going on with a project to reconcile any variances.

I enjoy working on my own home when I’m not working on a renovation project. One of my biggest personal projects was creating a master suite. Having a vision, designing a plan and implementing the final solution brings me a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction. As I like to say, “Effort is the fuel of accomplishment.”

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