Quality Control Officer

Will Drecktrah

Will Drecktrah

"Quality Control Officer"

Project Superintendent

Being a “Quality Control Officer” means logistics are managed before and during the project to deliver Partner-Grade results for the hotel management and their guests so they can enjoy the improvements AFTER the renovation is complete.

Each Triple Crown project I oversee gives me the opportunity to put 40+ years in the construction business to good use. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for 15 years and the last three have been dedicated to Triple Crown where I serve as a Project Superintendent. I have a long-standing relationship with many of the subcontractors and their crews, which means I know how to work with them to avoid any discrepancies, disruptions, or delays.

Once I’m on-site, I introduce myself to the hotel manager and listen to their needs about the day-to-day operations. With their input, I establish a timeframe for when work should be scheduled for each phase to minimize any guest disruption and align with the hotel management planning. Then I start my “recon” routine where I do the physical assessment of the property looking for material delivery access points and confirm dimensions to be sure all of the materials and necessary equipment are going to fit through the doors. I also walk the parking lot to decide the least intrusive location for our equipment and confirm other delivery access logistics – all with the number one priority on my mind that the hotel guests come first.

After I gain a solid understanding of the day-to-day operations and have a logistics plan unique to the property, I begin to execute on the promised project schedule by coordinating supply deliveries and contractors. I work closely with everyone involved to be sure the logistics do not become overwhelming. Even when I delegate responsibilities, I remain involved and help analyze any situation which may arise to keep the project at or under budget. I hear myself saying “march or die” which provides the motivation to finish the project on time by making daily progress to maintain the promised schedule – no matter what happens. My personal motto is “Where there’s a WILL there is a way!”

Even though most guest room renovation work is duplicated over and over based on a design unique to the project’s specifications, it’s very important for me to maintain quality control in each room. I walk into each room to be sure there is consistency and controlled repetition for quality outcomes. This is critical since any poorly done work can impact the guest experience later on and hinder the hotel’s day-to-day operations after the project completion.
When I am not working, I enjoy riding my motorcycle. I also like to go camping and fishing all the way from Shell Island, Maryland to Marco Island, Florida.

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