Director of First Impressions

Zoe Eackles - Admin Assistant/Receptionist at Triple Crown Construction

Zoe Eackles

"Director of First Impressions"

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Efficiency and accessibility are the names of the game in my role, and I like being a reliable source of help for the team here.

No two days here are the same; I’m always on my toes waiting for fresh challenges to emerge and new people to walk through the door.  Since I’m regularly being assigned new tasks and responsibilities, there’s very little downtime and that’s just how I like it! Every day there’s something new that requires me to push myself to the next level.

Before I came to Triple Crown Construction, I worked as an administrative assistant in a medical office but was looking to branch out and use my skills to help in other fields of study. The new experiences here have been very gratifying—I always like a challenge, and here I’m motivated as well as supported by my colleagues, and that always helps.

My duties range from answering calls to organizing and filing paperwork…and everything in between! For anything that falls under the “administrative” umbrella, I’m the go-to at the office. A big part of my job here is to make sure if someone needs something, they can receive that assistance without hassle. Efficiency and accessibility are the names of the game in my role, and I enjoy being a reliable source of help for the team here!

In my personal life, I’m an organizational wizard. If something I own doesn’t have its own place or “home,” it will never be seen again once it’s put down, so I began making sure that everything has its rightful place. I want the same for Triple Crown—to eliminate the stress of the search, the wasted time and energy that could be better spent on the things that matter to our clients. And whether that “something” is a paper to be filed or an answer to a question, I want our team to have it as soon as they need it.

As I know from spending years working with a variety of customers, coworkers, vendors, and partners, it’s always important to start the day with a smile and to truly care for one another because “No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side.” I’ve always been a people person, so being surrounded with like-minded individuals here at Triple Crown, who genuinely care for each other, makes for a positive work environment that I’m proud to call my home away from home.

Though when I’m at my actual home, you’ll either find me in the kitchen with my two dogs at my feet or making music. I am always on the hunt for a new recipe to try, and since I’ve been involved with music from a young age, I love to sing and play piano as well. I have a real creative drive to match my organizational prowess, and both cooking and music allow me to exercise both of those sides of myself.


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