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At Triple Crown, what drives us is the reward of a job done right. That’s often a challenge in the complex hospitality renovation business and yet, for over a quarter century, understanding and delivering on our partners’ expectations remains our top priority. We take great pride in the partnerships we’ve built with some of the most discerning and demanding hospitality owners and operators in the business. Our partners count on us to provide them with an unparalleled level of satisfaction in hospitality renovation.

Taking care of hospitality renovation for over 25 years

Triple Crown Construction is a hospitality renovation company with deep roots in the hospitality industry. Founder Dave Rapp served for 10 years in Marriott International’s Architecture and Construction Division before leaving the firm and embarking on an exciting venture of his own.

In 1991, after a successful career at Marriott Hotels International, Dave Rapp founded Triple Crown Design & Construction, Inc. serving as a general commercial construction firm in the Washington DC metro area. While the young company had humble beginnings with an office in the basement of the family home and a single part-time administrative assistant, this would be the starting point of a company built on solid principles and values.

When the market expanded and the opportunity presented itself, Dave presented Triple Crown as a reliable and efficient hotel renovation contractor that hotel owner reps and other parties could depend on. With positive reception from the market, he brought in long-time friend Dennis Haeder to help expand the young company. Success with hotel renovation projects helped further define Triple Crown’s niche, resulting in growth that allowed them to quickly become recognized as one of the leading hospitality renovation contractors in the industry.

Chris Rapp, Dave’s son, got his start at Triple Crown as project manager. The mid-2000’s were a great time for Chris to get on board because it was a period of significant growth in the hotel industry. This enabled him to learn the business and the industry in a way that gave him a unique perspective on how to do things the best way. Working together as father and son, Dave and Chris completed hundreds of hotel renovation projects, further strengthening the Triple Crown brand and building a reputation for excellence.

In 2013, in preparation for Dave’s retirement, Chris formed Triple Crown Construction, LLC as a spin-off from Triple Crown Design & Construction, Inc. Gradually, the firm took over the assets and clients from the parent company while maintaining the legacy of excellence that has driven the Company from its origins. Today, Chris continues to guide Triple Crown Construction’s growth and expansion while raising the standard of excellence in hospitality renovation.

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