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CMS comprises many functions that are useful to construction companies

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

May 21, 2019

If there has been an overarching theme in the development of new technologies over the last decade, it’s that data is king. Data is the availability of knowledge, and after all, knowledge is power. Organizations large and small across every industry imaginable have discovered the advantages that collecting, analyzing, and sharing relevant data can provide to nearly every step of their operations. It’s a realization that has caught on and will continue to grow; revenues for big data offerings around the world are projected to go from $42 billion last year to a staggering $103 billion by 2027.

The tools and services that utilize data to benefit users vary by industry and depend on the role that the tool is made to help, but there’s always some kind of insight to be gleaned from such technology. In the construction field, one of the most useful applications for data services can be found in construction management software (CMS).

CMS comprises many functions that are useful to construction companies, both for their teams and contractors in the field as well as managers and coordinators back in the office. In fact, both groups using the CMS tools represents one of the biggest advantages these innovations provide: a shared platform that those on site and those off it can use to share information, progress, workflows, and more about the project, and to help one another out.

The ability to communicate, both quickly and with precise detail, is crucial for construction teams. CMS allows management to receive up-to-date details on projects and in turn determine what ways they can best offer support to those on the job site.

For example, many such tools allow for easy archiving of daily progress photos, which is both useful for record-keeping purposes but can serve as an additional safety measure for the workers on a site, as well as the client’s staff and customers (in the event that the project underway is a renovation during which part of the establishment is still open). This is because with regularly uploaded progress photos, those in the office can jump into the same CMS system on their end and provide an additional visual inspection themselves.

Safety at Triple Crown Construction is paramount, so this additional safeguard is a welcome benefit to using the CMS tools, but it’s far from the only one.

Construction management software offers a number of benefits in many areas of the construction or renovation process: it can assist with workflows, project management, budgeting and accounting, document management, procurement of equipment and services, dispatching, purchase and change orders, bidding, and also serve as an ongoing record of notes and details that all involved in the construction project need to have easy access to.

Because all these functions can be housed in the cloud, both desktop computers in the company office as well as tablets, mobile devices, and on-premise computers at the project site can access them to drive accountability and efficiency. It’s an incredible advantage that any team member is able to upload an item or make a change within the CMS and all other members can instantly see it updated on their own device, no manual updates or email chains required to inform people of every detail.

The benefits of CMS tools for project teams and supervisors are clear, but it’s surprising that adoption of them isn’t universal across construction firms and general contractors; according to a recent survey, “three-quarters of general contractors and subcontractors provide mobile devices to project managers and field supervisors, but only 18% of those companies use those devices to access project data.”

As an organization that takes full advantage of the efficiencies that CMS tools provide and has seen cost savings and quality improvements thanks to the easy sharing of and access to reliable, up-to-date project data, Triple Crown Construction knows the huge difference such tools make to their own processes and budget—and to their client-partners.

“CMS allows us to better manage projects and relationships with property owners even before we get on-site,” said Rhody Ross, Business Development Manager at Triple Crown Construction. “As early in the process as preliminary communications with prospects and RFIs, and all the way to the cutting of the ribbon and beyond, we’re taking advantage of the features.”

Having tested or worked with a number of different solution providers throughout the years, Triple Crown now utilizes Procore’s CMS tools for their robust feature set and efficiencies. According to Ross, who has been using the Procore system since Triple Crown Construction partnered with the company several years ago, the software’s utilization throughout the commercial construction firm is significant. The daily log functions are used, as the name implies, daily by superintendents to track progress and provide project managers with updates on development and visibility into a site or project’s details. As a result of this consistent use, Procore can provide a historical record of a project—perfect for quality control, contract compliance, and improving future project efforts by serving as a reference for what worked, what didn’t, and what could be improved in the future.

Procore, like other construction management software programs, allows organizations to decide what users have access to what information—not everyone using the system has access to the sprawling level of detail about the companies and projects in there, which makes security and privacy easier on the construction firm. Triple Crown can decide what information a party can access based on their needs and role in the project. For example, a property owner can be granted access to project schedule, RFI’s, Submittals and photo updates to oversee the progress from afar but doesn’t have access to the documentation between the organization and subcontractors, as that’s information meant to be kept between those two parties.

So why Procore? While there are many CMS programs out there, Ross says that Triple Crown’s decision to work with Procore has been a great one, something that is confirmed to him regularly as the software has become a bigger and bigger part of the company’s processes over time—it’s using more of its features than ever before, and Procore has been very open to feedback to make their tools the most effective they can be, often working directly with clients like Triple Crown on issues and new features.

Beyond simply saving money and time and reducing duplication of efforts thanks to workflow management and visibility features for all users, Procore has a wide app marketplace that allows Triple Crown to manage many of its software utilities in one place and assure that they are working in sync with one another. As the data explosion continues and new software tools are developed to harness that potential, this functionality will be hugely important to construction and contractor firms in managing their software investments.

“Procore has taken CMS, and by extension our company, to another level,” said Ross. “They have an ever-growing desire to better their product and their users’ experience. Every project detail is there in one platform for us to refer to or build from. It’s a truly collaborative system that lets our field and office teams work in harmony, and I can’t imagine our people doing the job without these kinds of tools at their disposal.”

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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