Counting Stars in 2020: Establishing a Luxury 5-Star Hotel

The qualities that make a luxury 5-star hotel


For decades, hotel classification systems have been used to hint on an accommodation’s quality and the standard of service a guest can expect. 5-star hotels, to be specific, are what most would expect to have luxury standards.

But what are the exact qualities of a 5-star hotel? And how can a company achieve such standards? In this article, we give an overview of what makes a 5-star hotel, and how an establishment can transition to luxury hospitality.

Different ratings for different places

The standards of a 5-star hotel vary from country to country. Europe uses a 4-star hotel rating system while the United States uses a 5-star rating system. Some standardizing bodies have appeared over the last few years, but their different systems further prove that hotel chains have to adhere to different standards to achieve that much-coveted luxury status.

The AAA Diamond Ratings have four diamond rankings that include “Approved”, “Three Diamonds”, “Four Diamonds” and “Five Diamonds”. Each hotel will be anonymously visited and rated according to 27 basic requirements that cover comfort, cleanliness, and safety.

Forbes also has its own travel guide that they based on 900 objective standards. The Senior Vice President of Forbes Travel Guide, Chris Fradin, stated that the standards they’ve set as a basis for their system reflect the detailed attention to the comfort, choices, and convenience provided by each establishment.

However, even with the variety of standardizing bodies, Taleb Rifai believes that there will never be an official and worldwide standard for hotel classification systems. The UN World Tourism Organization Secretary-General pointed out that this is because there is incredible diversity between the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural differences between each country.

Rifai also notes that while there is no worldwide hotel rating system, there are some common and recurring criteria that hint at how luxurious a hotel actually is.

In the same UN World Tourism Organization report, the organization found that for the most recurring criteria in 5-star criteria catalogues, there is little to no difference in their recurrence within the 4-star criteria catalogues.

The UNTWO research revealed more similarities than differences. Furthermore, they pinpointed the fact that the guestroom category is the top criteria (when ranked against bathroom, food and beverage, and services).

So, what does this mean for hotels globally?

This cements the fact that there are few differences between the 4-star and 5-star rating system. A room’s quality is the main thing that captures people’s attention, and it is the criteria that most verifying bodies place the highest priority on assessing.

Going beyond ratings and pushing for quality service

For leading hotel chain, Ritz Carlton, what makes a hotel brand stand out is less concrete than what one would expect. They believe that it is about how a hotel makes you feel and that this criterion relies specifically on one thing—the excellence of service.

Trivago, a search engine app that compares different lodging and accommodation prices, published on their website the 10 key things that foster hotel brand loyalty among customers. One will notice that all points are customer-centric, highlighting the importance of making the life of a prospective guest easier from booking to the small personal touches provided by the hotel.

Five Star Alliance, an online travel agency focused on providing the world’s best hotels, stated that properties earn their five-star distinction when they provide experiences that exceed even the highest of expectations for comfort, decor, and luxury.

Luxury hospitality consultant, Suzanne Godfrey, also said that a key pillar of luxury is the emotional connection hotels have established with the guests—which also boils down to the excellent service they received during their stay.

To conclude, the road to achieving that 5-star rating will still vary from country to country. But at the end of the day, aiming for the highest level of service and customer satisfaction is what people will remember from a hotel brand.

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