Courtyard Lincroft Red Bank Hotel Renovation

The “New Normal” For Hotel Renovations: Courtyard Lincroft Red Bank Project


Our company began the year with a blog post titled “TCC Summit – Commit, Perform & Adapt.”  Those three words became a mantra for everyone at Triple Crown Construction based on three simple questions aimed at serving our clients with excellence in everything we do: 1) Are we Committed to our clients and their projects?; 2) Are we Performing to our clients expectations, and our own?; and 3) Are we able to Adapt when necessary?

No one could’ve predicted in January 2020, when this post was released, that those three words would become CRUCIAL for our business to survive in the national marketplace just two months later.

When coronavirus pandemic regulations hit the U.S. in March 2020, shutting down all non-essential businesses, our team adapted quickly to maintain business operations. Commitment to our clients and their projects was evident with each Zoom meeting, email and phone call to discuss project details, create new timelines, and maintain open lines of communication from week to week. As we provided solutions to each challenge we faced to ensure our clients had a Partner Grade Experience with us, we avidly requested feedback on our performance and did what we could to move projects forward within the minimal control we had based on local regulations.

Our Red Bank, NJ hotel renovation project was the first one to be managed within the “new normal” of following Covid-19 national regulations. Thankfully, we completed most of the interior renovations before pandemic shutdowns began, which included 145 Rooms, 89 Shower Conversions, several public spaces, and an inside pool room conversion to a large meeting space. The exterior renovations, including the porte cochere replacement, was halted completely when hotel renovation projects were designated “non-essential” businesses nation-wide.

What we found fascinating is that before 2020, our hotel renovations “normally” ran like a well-oiled machine with TCC Project Staff and Superintendents managing every detail, using decades of experience to trouble-shoot and find solutions to almost any challenge they faced. Then the global pandemic in one felled swoop tossed every business into a sea of chaos where “normal” was no longer an option to run business operations and continue client interactions.

Similar to all businesses world-wide, we began to ask questions like, “How do we do business from our homes to keep projects moving forward where possible?” and “How do we meet with our clients and staff when we aren’t allowed to be together in person?”  We answered those questions and many more through our innovative and adaptive spirit, scheduling daily Zoom meetings and having more frequent check-ins with our clients – not just to discuss our projects, but also to inquire how they were doing with their own challenging situations, because we genuinely care about them.

The Leadership team at Triple Crown Construction treats our staff as family. In addition to client check-ins, we also maintained an awareness about our staff’s well-being, and coordinated weekly “happy hour” gatherings on Fridays to allow the team to relax and just enjoy each other without any agenda. Once a month we continued our habit of hosting a team event, switching it to Zoom, which provided a whole new way for the team to connect and have fun together.

After three months of working from home, in June 2020 New Jersey began allowing non-essential construction projects to continue only if they abided by the “new normal” for social distancing, sanitization and handwashing requirements. Our Red Bank Project Superintendent, Bernie Munro, headed to New Jersey and adjusted the entire construction site according to CDC stipulations.

In returning to the Redbank, NJ Courtyard project, there were many hurdles to be addressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  After being shut down, we needed to do our due diligence and investigate each states, cities, and municipalities requirements for project start-up.  Triple Crown Construction’s mantra of Commit, Perform, and Adapt allowed us to provide the necessary protocols and PPE to maintain a safe environment for all stakeholders.  Over communication on all levels allowed for a seamless reentry and continued success on the project.”  – Greg Maciulla, TCC Construction Operations Manager

According to Superintendent Munro, “Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to show what we’re really made of as a company.” As he got the site ready for subcontractors to return to work, he diligently followed all the CDC guidelines, putting up new signage with mask requirements, designating temperature check and sign-in stations, and spoke frequently with Bill Bonolis, TCC Project Manager, on new construction stage timelines due to the limitation of construction workers within a space based on social distancing guidelines.

Munro’s “covid-cart,” (a TCC new requirement at all our project sites) containing hand sanitizer, a thermometer, gloves, and other items became an essential tool to reduce any possibility of the virus being transferred as tools are shared and operational interactions continued throughout the project.

It’s been a long process to get to this stage of construction because of so many circumstances around Covid-19 that were out of our control.  But the final product up to this point looks spectacular, and the hotel owner is ecstatic.” – Bill Bonolis, Project Manager

The Courtyard Lincroft Red Bank in NJ is slated to complete sometime in August 2020.  Despite many of the challenges we faced throughout this project, we handed each one with Partner Grade performance.  We also had the opportunity to complete construction within one of the newest trends in the hotel renovation industry:  Reimaging a building. The Red Bank property was built over 30 years-ago and they had some previous renovation work with another construction company to structurally alter it a more modern look and feel.  In order to complete that renovation, TCC was hired to completely change the aesthetics of the building from a 1980’s appearance to a new modern hotel with clean lines and dark and bold colors.

As we wrap up the Red Bank renovation and continue to gain expertise within the “new normal” of construction industry projects, we know all our projects will continue to be managed with the highest quality in everything we do. So if you are a hotel owner or General Manager considering a renovation project in the near future, don’t hesitate to send us a project bid or contact us to learn more about how we make every project a Partner Grade Experience for our clients.

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