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Three Ways the Hospitality Industry is Helping in the COVID-19 Crisis


3 Ways the Hospitality Industry is Helping in the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has become an issue throughout the world, and several industries and businesses are taking a huge hit in terms of profits and other finances. However, the blow that the hospitality industry has taken is more painful and immediate. Many countries have been placed under quarantine, halting both local and international travel. With this, several hotels have also shut down and laid off employees, leaving thousands jobless. Despite all this, the hospitality industry has become a beacon of hope during these uncertain times by providing relief and assistance to those in need.

With Covid-19 cases in the United States reaching over 245,000 as of today, hotels have started to turn their rooms into private quarters for medical workers and patients as well as space as a relief center, based on local government needs. Here are just some methods hotels are implementing to help curb the effects of the pandemic:

Quarantine Zones

Hotels provide a practical and reasonable alternative as quarantine zones for patients who are asymptomatic or are experiencing mild symptoms.

“Hotels are uniquely set up for quarantine since many individuals at once can be easily sectioned off into private, sanitary rooms with their own bathroom.

Cameron Quincy Todd, from her article at

With more and more hospitals reaching capacity, hotels can also provide bedding for those who need treatment from severe conditions. With the hospitality industry experiencing losses from tourism and travel, the remaining option is to lease their rooms to the government, which can in turn help lessen the number of infections and flatten the curve.

Hospital Substitutes

Several cities across the United States are considering plans to convert hotels into functioning, temporary hospitals during this time of crisis. Some countries have already transformed hotels into hospitals which have lessened the volume and burden from a crowded intensive care unit.

“We knew we had a significant deficit of hospital beds. So, we said there is no way we can build hospitals in three weeks. We said we have got to take an existing facility with a standard design, let the HHS guys, let the FEMA guys, let all the docs take a look at it and once we have that, we are going to make four different options of how to apply that standard design either into a hotel or a dormitory or into a stadium or like a field house.”

Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, in an article from

Lodging for Medical Workers

STAY Camden, a hotel in London, has already begun taking action ahead of their government by allowing health workers looking to get quarantined to use their facilities as temporary lodging. Another hotel in Israel has also taken a similar approach. In the US, Chicago has been the first city to execute this plan, with New York and New Orleans following behind.

Our thoughts and good wishes are with all of those affected, and with the hoteliers who are not only helping the community around them, but also getting ready for the rebounds.

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