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Triple Crown Construction's “Proactive Multi-Tasker”

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

April 9, 2019

Here at Triple Crown Construction, we like to highlight exceptional employees who embody the values we uphold: community, accountability, teamwork, and more.  Proving herself an invaluable asset to the team, we’d like to showcase the company’s “Proactive Multi-Tasker” who is always a source of help for anyone around the office who needs it (sometimes before they even realize they need it!)—Angie Ugaz!

Angie Ugaz

Angie has been in the construction industry for over a decade, working with companies in a variety of administrative roles—everything from reception and human resources to marketing, architecture, and engineering support.  Because of her diverse skill set, she is able to support team members in various roles—something that she takes great pride in. “I love being able to help people; finding answers to our clients’ questions, coming up with a solution, and being a part of the greater team is all very gratifying to me,” says Ugaz. “I am proactive and enjoy learning new things. Over the course of my career, I have worked with a plethora of exciting individuals in different capacities and that helped me learn how to best support team members no matter their role.”

Triple Crown encourages and rewards those taking initiative and supporting other team members, and it didn’t go unnoticed that Angie excelled in these regards. She’s recently been promoted to the role of Project Coordinator, which for her, brings about a whole new level of support for the project team. In this position, she will work closely with a Project Manager and overall project team to make sure things are done efficiently and on time. On a day-to-day basis, this means staying on top of deliveries, following up with partners and team members when responses or items are needed, and working with those in the field to assure projects remain on schedule and within their budgets. Triple Crown expects excellence for all projects, and people like Angie are a big part of their success toward this goal and why the company is a leader in the hospitality industry.

“I’m excited to continue this growth in my career path and to have the opportunity to learn new things that will benefit the company in other exciting ways,” she says. “I always want to continue to learn in every aspect of my life, and promotion certainly is a big part of that process.”

Angie Ugaz

Lest you think it’s all about work for Angie, she has a blast in her home life, too! She is a karaoke fiend, a line dancer, a casual hiker (“I love a trip to some secluded mountains just to get away!”) and roller-skater. She can also be found curled up with a good book to relax, either at home on a rainy day or on a beach trip with family and friends.

Always known for her cheerful disposition, Angie doesn’t sweat the small stuff. “For me, it’s more about the journey and not necessarily the destination. So, live every day like it’s the most important day of your life. Laugh, love, give a compliment, try to make someone smile, and try to always stay optimistic and positive!”

When asked what the new role and her time so far with Triple Crown Construction mean to her, Angie replied: “It feels great to work for a tight-knit, family-oriented company. We work hard, but we also have fun together. It is exciting to know your company invests in its employees, promoting from within and providing the training necessary for you to excel in your career. I look forward to the next steps in my journey with Triple Crown!”

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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