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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

May 14, 2019

We’re excited to introduce a member of the Triple Crown Team who upholds the company’s core values, particularly our focus on customer service—the “Ice Cream Man” himself, Bill Bonolis! Let’s get to know Bill a little better, shall we?

Prior to Triple Crown Construction, Bill worked as a project manager for a commercial flooring and wall systems company, tackling large-scale projects like hospitals and universities, but he was involved in the construction industry well before then. Bill learned the process of building the best possible way—with his own hands! He worked in the field as a trim carpenter with a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, and developed his management skillset as a general contractor, scheduling subcontractors and managing all phases of construction to make sure things went smoothly and happened on time (not to mention within budget). In one year alone, he managed $4 million of work for the commercial construction firm he worked with, while ensuring each stage of the project was progressing as intended.

After 13 years in the field with those organizations, Bill joined Triple Crown to carry his supervisory skills to the next level. He works with nearly all parties involved in a project; for example, on a hotel renovation job, he’ll be in touch with the TCC teams on site and in the office, the ownership of the hotel, the CM firm, hotel staff, subcontractors, vendors, and any partners involved. Juggling so many different roles at once is difficult, but Bill has proven to have the experience, tenacity, and skills needed to deal with the day-to-day issues that arise in any project while keeping each team moving forward on their goals.

His hands-on experience provides Bill with a working knowledge of what’s going on at a job site even as he coordinates teams, budgets, and goals from the Triple Crown Construction headquarters in Frederick, MD. Still, in true Triple Crown fashion, he acknowledges the team effort involved in any job’s success: “I rely daily on our superintendents who are our eyes and ears in the field, our first line of defense against problems that may arise,” Bill said. “Without them, there’s no way I could be successful in what I do.”

Bill’s unique vantage point on the whole process allows him to be one of the crucial parts of bringing a project’s design from just an idea to life. He sees the project from the bidding process through to completion. There may be a lot of hurdles along the way, Bill said, but “that makes each project exciting and different, which is one of the aspects of this role that I love the most. It’s a busy, fast-paced environment here, but we have a great team that works together and communicates well to get the job done.”

When Bill’s not in the office, he’s out in the sunshine! He’s an avid golfer, softballer, and hiker—the latter of which he enjoys since it’s something he can do with his family. And he’s always working on a new project even outside of Triple Crown—he’s been renovating his farmhouse by hand for the last few years and he’s excited to see the job finished (as do we, as we’ll make him throw a little ribbon-cutting celebration when it is, where we can all party!).

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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Founded in 1991, Triple Crown Construction built a reputation for itself as a reliable partner in the hospitality and commercial construction industry by understanding and delivering on its partners’ expectations. Based in Frederick, Maryland, Triple Crown Construction strives to approach each and every project with the goal to deliver quality, service, and value, and is committed to raising the standard of excellence in all areas of its work. The company operates with a family mentality, a commitment to the greater community, and a desire to work with those who aim to improve their customers’ experience.

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