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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

February 11, 2019

Every year, Triple Crown Construction bestows the “Triple Crown Way Spotlight Award” to an employee who has exceeded the expectations of their role and tackled challenges head-on, acting as the personification of the “Triple Crown Way.”

For the 2018 calendar year, the employees of Triple Crown Construction voted Cindy Stevens the winner of this award. She took it upon herself to model all the values that make Triple Crown great: integrity, hard work, responsibility, communication, family, and giving back to the community.

Stevens is the team’s self-titled “Triple Crown Historian.” Since joining in 2011, she has spent years working with partners, customers, and team members and has become the go-to person for anyone looking for details on old jobs or advice on how to proceed on a project. Even though she doesn’t manage projects directly, many clients still reach out to her based on their strong relationship in prior years, so even though it’s not in her list of duties, Cindy acts as an additional resource for these clients and stakeholders. She’s often the voice of the company in this way, a manager-at-large around Triple Crown Construction.

What has led her to stay with Triple Crown and lead the way for its employees for the better part of a decade? “I love the people, that’s what it boils down to,” Stevens says. “People make a company, especially since you spend so much time with them.” The team environment here is something that has motivated her to be the best she can for all involved: “When you walk in the door, you can feel it: everybody’s watching out for everybody, no one wants to see anyone fail.”

Beyond the people, Stevens gets a sense of fulfillment and connection with the world from her role with Triple Crown. “It’s amazing being able to reach out to people outside of the general contractor niche, to learn about them and the things they care about. And having a hand in projects all over the country is satisfying—it’s quite an experience to travel somewhere and come upon a building that you can point to and tell your travel-mates, ‘I had a hand in that building’s creation.’ To know you’ve played a part in all these little corners of the world, I didn’t expect it coming into the role, but it’s been one of the most surprising and satisfying aspects of my job.”

A large part of the criteria for the Spotlight Award is that the nominee demonstrates the six core pillars of the “Triple Crown Way,” and the team overwhelmingly agreed that Cindy Stevens was a great representative of the company’s ideals:

  1. Successful performance

Triple Crown strives to approach every project efficiently with a win‐win mentality of mutual profitability, and Cindy has demonstrated the mentality that working with customers is a partnership, not an us-vs-them situation. “We all benefit from a good project,” she said. “Making decisions that work for both parties and avoiding corner-cutting that might help us but end up negatively impacting others is how we build lasting and beneficial relationships.”

  1. Culture

The culture at Triple Crown Construction is one that encourages hard work, commitment, loyalty, teamwork, and flexibility—without sacrificing the ability to have fun. Colleagues commended Stevens on her willingness to always share recognition with others who deserve it, and her genuine care for her team members. “It’s clear that she really wants everyone she works with to be happy,” said Triple Crown special projects and estimating coordinator Katie McDonald. “If someone’s having a bad day at the company, she proactively finds out what she can do to make it better, and then does just that.”

  1. Community

The team here has a people-first mentality and is devoted to engaging in relationships that are both good-natured and rewarding for all—leadership within the communities we serve is a big part of the Triple Crown Way. Cindy often takes the lead on new charitable projects around the organization; in the last few months alone she spearheaded the company’s participation in Wreaths Across America and the Charity Mitten Drive (in lieu of a traditional Secret Santa).

  1. Our Approach

At every opportunity, we strive for excellence to instill confidence, loyalty and demonstrate accountability in what we do. A big part of the value of working with Triple Crown Construction is in how we engage with and are committed to our partners, leveraging our team approach, experience, flexibility, and a problem‐solving mentality. Even though Cindy’s position doesn’t have her working directly with customers, she still makes it a point to be a resource for them (especially those with whom she’s had a longer relationship at the company) in addition to their project team, to better assure that their needs are being met.

  1. Our Team

We are innovative leaders who have passion for those we serve, valuing loyalty, trust, honesty, and integrity above all things. Bringing a positive attitude and a motivated team to the work goes a long way in this regard, and Cindy has taken it upon herself to be a steward of positivity around the office. “It’s all about frame of mind,” she said. “You make a choice every morning whether to be in a good or bad mood, whether you’ll be in control of your day or let the day control you. If you’re only looking at the negative in things, you won’t find the solutions, the positive aspects—and you’ll miss out on the big picture, too.” Coworkers describe her as a force of positivity radiating throughout the office, something she prides herself on: “Hearing laughter throughout the day is a sign you have a positive work culture; I try not to take things too seriously. You can work hard and still have fun.”

  1. Client Focus

We look to serve those who are committed to improving their own customers’ experience. Our clients are those who value experience, expertise, and successful performance, and we value the same in our employees. Cindy has proven herself to be dedicated to customer service, which in turn allows our own clients to give the best service to their own customers. The most common way she interacts with clients is through project billing, and she has taken efforts to make that process as clear and painless as possible—“as painless as receiving a bill can be,” she laughed.

Looking forward to 2019, Cindy tells us she’s excited to see the evolution of Triple Crown’s business as it expands its scope and takes on new types of projects. “This move has been in planning for the last couple of years—2017 and 2018 were setup years, and this year it’s all about implementation. I’m happy to be along for the ride, and grateful to my colleagues for honoring me with the Triple Crown Way Spotlight Award. They’re the reason this job is such a thrill, day in and day out.”

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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Founded in 1991, Triple Crown Construction built a reputation for itself as a reliable partner in the hospitality and commercial construction industry by understanding and delivering on its partners’ expectations. Based in Frederick, Maryland, Triple Crown Construction strives to approach each and every project with the goal to deliver quality, service, and value, and is committed to raising the standard of excellence in all areas of its work. The company operates with a family mentality, a commitment to the greater community, and a desire to work with those who aim to improve their customers’ experience.

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