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A New Triple Threat at Triple Crown

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

March 12, 2019

Following a monster year of growth at Triple Crown Construction, the general contractor has continued to expand its all-star team with a trio of recent hires that have everyone at the company even more excited about the future. Already these three have made an impact in the office and at work sites, so without further ado lets meet the newest members of the Triple Crown Construction team: Megan DeRose, Zoe Eackles, and Bob McNichol!

Megan DeRose

Megan DeRose - TCC Estimating CoordinatorThough her title is Estimating Coordinator, Megan has proven herself to be a jack of all trades around the office—her passion for construction and desire to grow in the role has led her to feel right at home at Triple Crown, and she’s had a chance to learn about many new areas of the industry in her short time here so far.

From her previous roles, Megan came to us with a wealth of experience out in the field with new construction, and she’s able to use that knowledge to help form decision making back in the office—the purchasing and estimating tasks she heads up support those in the field and have a direct impact on what it takes to make projects happen. “Using the knowledge I gained in another part of the industry to help Triple Crown Construction be successful is very satisfying,” Megan says.

When she’s not at the office, her family is the priority, but she still makes time to explore her passions and hobbies, like roller derby. She also enjoys a good puzzle, which explains why she is so eager to learn new skills that will help her solve problems later in her career. “I’ve always taken the old standby ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room’ to heart,” she says, “and I am glad to have landed in an office where every room is filled with people who have a lot to teach me.”

Zoe Eackles

ZoeZoe Eackles - Admin Assistant/Receptionist at Triple Crown Construction is Triple Crown Construction’s “Director of First Impressions.” Well, technically her title is the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, but the “Director of First Impressions” feels like a good way to convey the level of support she provides to both guests and the office as a whole. For anything that falls under the “administrative” umbrella (and there’s always more than you expect), Zoe is the go-to at the office. “I always like a challenge,” she says, “and here I’m motivated as well as supported by my colleagues, and that always helps.”

She makes sure that if someone needs something, they can receive that assistance without hassle. Efficiency and accessibility are her main goals, and she’s a reliable source of help for the team. It benefits that she’s an organizational wizard; thanks to her, the team has what they need pretty much right when they ask for it. The reduced time spent, and less stress created from a search for something—whether it’s a form or an answer to a question—helps everyone out.

At home, Zoe is either in the kitchen cooking up a masterpiece with her two dogs at her feet or making music. She’s always on the hunt for a new recipe to try, and enjoys singing and playing the piano, letting her creative drive take charge.

Bob McNichol

BobBob McNichol TCC Traveling Superintendent, Triple Crown Construction’s newest Traveling Superintendent, has been in construction since 1980, starting as a woodworker, and then working with a hospitality renovation company that oversaw high-end hotels and resorts. Having a hand in literally building the project himself was always satisfying, but over the years he decided to start leveraging his experience to work on big-picture projects as well as teaching and managing others. “I naturally felt right at home with Triple Crown Construction,” Bob says. “The company’s experience in the hospitality industry matched up very well with my own”

Bob oversees daily onsite activities for Triple Crown Construction projects, enforcing safety rules and regulations, making sure schedules are in-line and budgets are being adhered to, and taking care of various other administrative tasks on-site such as overseeing inspections and quality control. Part of his role includes working to build positive relationships with hotel ownership groups, GMs and staff, as well as subcontractors, so he’s the face of the company in many instances!

He may be meticulous and detail-oriented on the job, but Bob still enjoys a day off relaxing with his family or a round of golf. And though his career has taken him into a supervisory role instead of one where he’s building much with his own hands, he still makes time to enjoy his passion for woodworking.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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