Fairfield Inn & Suites, Archdale, NC

Interview with Bill Bonolis, TCC Project Manager


Our latest renovation project in Archdale, NC is at the Fairfield Inn & Suites.  As of the writing of this post, the project is half-way done, and we have been working diligently to deliver excellent work and ensure a Partner-Grade experience for our client from start to finish.

Here are some of the accolades we received from Fairfield Inn & Suites, thus far:

  • The project’s General Manager, whom we’ve worked with over the last few months, has left our site to manage renovation at another Fairfield property. He recently sent us an email saying that it was a pleasure working with us and that our Superintendent and Project Manager were first class.
  • The hotel owner’s feedback, during a floor punch, was that he was pleased with the work we’ve performed. He didn’t see any issues with the final product, and that the renovation we’re working on was going more smoothly compared to another property being worked on by a different contractor.

We are passionate about delivering excellent results, are committed to successful performance, and devoted to raising the standard of excellence in the construction industry.

For example, one part of our Partner-Grade approach is reducing overall construction costs through value engineering, identifying potential hidden conditions, and developing proper budgeting and scheduling.  We were able to succeed in this through the following:

  • We recognized several areas from Fairfield Inn & Suites’ PIP that would be beneficial to address at the same time we were opening walls for the current renovation work.

We shared this information with the hotel owner and General Manager, who gave the go signal to include these additions to the current scope of work, resulting in savings on future required renovations.

  • During the review of construction plans, we noticed a significant delay in receiving the new furniture the hotel ordered to complete the renovation. We know from 20+ years of experience, that working from top to bottom of a building is the best approach to ensure that renovations have minimal interference with the hotel guests’ experience.

Being cognizant of the furniture delays and as a way to help mitigate its effects, we made the decision to start with the first floor. We also altered the schedules for new carpet and wall covering installation in the guest rooms by waiting until the furniture was delivered to install it, which reduced production crew foot traffic, making for good guest experience even if the hotel is undergoing renovation.

We know from 20+ years of experience, that working from top to bottom of a building is the best approach to ensure that renovations have minimal interference with the hotel guests’ experience.

Another example is coming up with a well-defined scope of work and an efficient work plan before starting a project. To deliver on this, we review all construction documentation and analyze the project’s scope of work. This was a challenge for this particular project. It had an undefined scope of work due to incomplete documentation available to the owner and General Manager.

To address the issue, we contacted the original hotel architect for prototype drawings, ADA compliance, and other relevant construction documents.  We also requested the hotel’s PIP (performance improvement plan) which typically has a 7-, 14- or 21-year required renovation cycle to maintain their brand standards.

A third example is ensuring the safety of ALL stakeholders, something that is imperative in all of our projects. Achieving safety can get tricky though, especially when we are working with other contractors who are not part of our team.

Achieving safety can get tricky, especially when we are working with other contractors who are not part of our team.

For this project, the hotel had contracted a second construction company to renovate the hotel’s exterior, while we at TCC work on renovating the hotel’s interiors.

When the second company was forced to shut down the main entrance of the hotel to complete their work, hotel guests were forced to enter from the back and the side – directly in the path of our renovation work site.

As guest entrances shifted from day to day depending on the area being worked on, we helped hotel staff move around signage that directed guests’ passageway through these work areas, which kept confusion at bay and ensured guest safety.

Triple Crown Construction’s Partner-Grade experience goes beyond just getting the job done. The methods and tactics we have in place ensure that ALL of our stakeholders benefit from the partnership.

From the moment we are awarded a bid, our core team of Estimators, Project Managers, Superintendents, and TCC-certified subcontractors approach each project with standards of high-quality workmanship, professionalism, and integrity.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations regardless of the challenges we face at any stage of the renovation. We are not just your contractors, we are your Partners – this is both our brand and our promise.

If you have an upcoming renovation project and would like to work with a Partner-Grade Commercial Contractor, contact us today!  We look forward to meeting you.

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About Triple Crown Construction:

Triple Crown Construction (TCC) is a Partner-Grade commercial construction firm specializing in preconstruction, commercial construction and hospitality renovation. “Partner-Grade” is defined as a shared commitment to and investment in our Client-Partners’ interests. We offer confidence through knowledge in the construction process, turnkey projects and a solution-oriented approach.

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