Gamification - The Future of Workplace Safety Training

How Gamification changes the way OSHA training is delivered to construction workers

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

October 29, 2019

Gamification for workplace safety training is all about enhancing human motivation and encouraging engagement. There are also several online modules as well as eLearning platforms that seek to inspire a positive change in the way safety supervisors deliver OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training.  While it is also true that there have been viable efforts made to allow workers to buy online safety courses, which are convenient and affordable, those eLearning modules have proven to be less effective than some other methods, such as gamification.

Simple, reward-based games can be utilized to deliver the necessary assistance when it comes to determining and understanding the precautions and safety tools required for a safe and healthy workplace environment. Gamification allows workers to transcend to a whole different level of learning through small, interactive quizzes which enable them to win points and badges. It allows for a boost in recognition because “players” are able to consistently track their progress throughout the game, each one looking to climb and hold their position at the top of the leaderboard.

PIXO VR and the Gamification of OSHA

As things stand today, there are two main ways you can get safety training: 1) you can enroll in an online course, where the lecture and class sessions are recorded; and 2) you can apply for a one-time class. It’s safe to say that the retention rates drop when you sit through an entire lecture because your brain won’t really want to hang on to information that you know you are going to internalize in the long term.

To improve retention rates and signify its importance, PIXO VR – a company skilled in building groundbreaking Virtual Reality Training experiences – has come up with an intuitive virtual reality OSHA training platform. During its development, the top brass unearthed a couple of glaring aspects when it comes to safety training. In their meetings and interviews with managers, they found that:

  • Managers are seeking to develop a culture of safety
  • They don’t know how to go about changing the behavior of their employees
  • The workforce is largely comprised of aging employees

With PIXO VR’s background in gaming, they are in a very strong position to bring the best minds to the table. They really are disrupting OSHA training as we know it.

However, their aim is not to gamify OSHA and make it as fun in the same way as playing an action game. Instead, their main objective is to make an expansive, immersive, interactive and even beautiful VR platform that helps employees understand the importance and viability of learning and implementing OSHA techniques. It still includes reward-based systems, but the main goal is to help secure lives.

The Bottom Line

The global gamification market is increasing rapidly and expected to be over $11 billion by 2020. As lucrative and attractive as this sounds, it is vital not to steer away from the primary focus on this training module which is to reduce workplace injuries and accidents that can result in debilitating injury, or worse, prove to be fatal. Successful and responsible companies, especially those in the construction industry, continue to invest in this method of training to enhance the safety of their employees.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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