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Case Study

The Hampton Inn of Milford, Connecticut was built in the early 1980s. It provided a comfortable stay for countless guests over the decades, but time takes its toll on all properties. Age wasn’t just showing on the outside; it turned out that a number of aspects of the hotel were not up to current codes, such as the wiring and the lack of proper fire-stopping infrastructure beneath the roof deck. In order to receive its final occupancy certificate from the local Building Department jurisdiction, Hampton Inn turned to Triple Crown Construction in late October of 2017—leaning on us to bring them up to code as we refreshed the hotel’s look and feel for today’s customers.

Up to Code…

There were significant deficiencies that needed to be addressed in order to bring the property up to code; the original construction in the 80s simply did not prepare for the infrastructure and safety advances that would take place between then and 2017. Namely, electrical wiring and fire stops needed to be addressed—the building never had a “fire-break” ceiling installed between the top floor’s ceiling and the roof deck above, for example.

This was a tremendous amount of work—requiring both large scale construction and surgical precision in different areas—but Triple Crown Construction was up to the task. The additional work to meet these code requirements would normally have taken twice as long, but due to Triple Crown’s proactive efforts and partner base that let us source the right materials and personnel quickly and cost-effectively, it only added 60 days to the project.

…and Upping the Comfort

Not only did structural issues require attention, but the Hampton Inn also sought a complete renovation for all 148 of its guest rooms, as well as work done on the rest of the building—everything from carpets, countertops, and walls to mirrors and furniture fixtures were refreshed.

Not wanting to leave any detail out, both elevator cabs in the building were redone, as were the restrooms in all of the guest rooms. The fitness center, lobby, corridors, and back of the house also received the upgrade treatment—which meant employees of the hotel would also enjoy the fresh new Hampton Inn when construction finished in February 2018.

What’s in a Renovation?

  • Major structural work on fire-stopping, wiring, and more to meet local code
  • Flooring/carpeting, countertops, fixtures, and more renovations throughout the building, including in lobbies, corridors, back offices, and fitness center—in addition to 148 guest rooms
  • Automatic door openers and other modifications to lobby restrooms to further ADA compliance
  • To save on removal costs post-renovation, Triple Crown liquidated the replaced fixtures and furniture
  • Elevators were refreshed with all-new cab interiors; bathrooms were reframed and given new tub surrounds and tile floors

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