Hospitality Trends and Bleisure Travelers

Every year, the hospitality industry finds new hotel trends that will also appeal to business travelers looking for extended stays.


Hospitality Trends: Preparing Bleisure Travelers for Longer Stays

The rise of the bleisure revolutionizes the way hospitality construction firms build hotels. As business travel and leisure travel blur the lines between work-life balance, the demand for longer hotel stays has increased. These extended-stay hotels even fared better than other US-based accommodations. While bookings are still at an all-time low, they were 14% higher than the others in the industry.

This change, along with the concerns brought on by the pandemic, introduced a variety of new developments and trends in the hotel construction industry—three of which we will discuss in this article.

Residential-style spaces

In a report by Squaremouth, a website that helps travelers compare different travel insurance packages, they found that vacation rentals are higher in demand than hotel stays during the Coronvirus pandemic. 50% opt to go for vacation rentals mainly due to social distancing and cleanliness concerns and only 37% are choosing hotel stays.

Think of the success of Airbnb before the pandemic took a toll on the hospitality industry. There is a demand in residential-style interiors in hotel rooms and vacation rentals due to the domestic feel it features.

London-based luxury branding consultancy founder, Piers Schmidt, notes that hoteliers are quickly realizing that rooms should be more than just a bed, a room to stay in for the night, and eventually call it a day. This residential twist helps a hotel stand out in the market, making the room feel more like a home away from home.


In this current climate, relying on technological advances is not a bandwagon any longer. It is a necessity—a tool to promote social distancing and secure the health and safety of guests and staff alike. Triple Crown Construction has discussed this in length before and this construction trend is here to stay.

Other than contactless payments and mobile check-ins, the recent introduction of smart rooms makes traveling easier and hotel rooms comfier. This gives guests a more customized experience whether they are simply staying for a night or extending their visit for a longer period.

Mobile also remains to be front and center. Branded hotel mobile applications can help guests stay in contact with the staff and other information they may need regarding their stay. This personalized experience is another customer demand and trend in the hospitality sector.

Digital transformations, nevertheless, are not to be taken lightly. McKinsey & Company enumerated various factors that can lead to unlocking such technological advances, most of them people-oriented. From digital upgrades to encouraging people to work in new ways to having digital-savvy leaders, it all circles around the importance of how technology will serve an individual and how it eases their day-to-day life.


One effect of technological advances is how hotels are now more capable to give personalized experiences to guests. Personalization is a rising trend in the hospitality industry and Samir Lakhany, Vice-President of Superhost Hospitality believes that this is because it makes hotel rooms feel more like home.

This can be a major plus point for guests who plan to stay longer as it can help hotels connect better with their customers, being more in tune with the specific needs of a guest.

However, personalizing experiences for guests still has much to improve. Others question how the line between personalization and privacy are drawn.

As lockdowns are gradually lifted, more and more people are looking forward to traveling. Business travelers are one market hoteliers should prepare for, especially as they are the ones most likely to book extended stays. These current trends will help a hotel stand out, especially in a time when the industry’s revenues are lower than usual.

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