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Why Hotel Lobbies Have Become the New Workplace

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

August 20, 2019

It’s not surprising that hotels have finally realized the advantage in capitalizing on valuable real estate within their buildings to extend their brand outwards within the community they serve. Grace Catherine shares about this new trend in her article on titled, “Why Hotel Lobbies Have Become the New Workplace.”

The 21st century has been a birthplace for a number of innovative opportunities throughout various industries across the world. One of the fastest growing industries is the freelance market. Catherine shares that according to Upwork’s 2018 Freelancing in America Report, the freelance workforce has grown by seven percent in the last five years, while the non-freelance workforce has grown by only two percent.

In addition to the growing freelance market, numerous virtual platforms enable career professionals everywhere to stay in touch with job activities and social events online to blend leisure and work into their daily routine. This kind of access gives them the freedom to work from anywhere. And they do!

In lieu of this, hotels are beginning to redesign their lobby and public spaces into modern, work-friendly zones for both their guests and the wider community. Catherine showcases two hotels that have successfully transitioned into this arena:

Hotel Schani Wien


In Vienna, Austria, Hotel Schani’s PR Manager, Silke Hagar, shares the company adopted local traditions to create a better experience in their coworking space called, “Your Space” which is integrated into their hotel lobby and fosters a network of like-minded people.  Decorated with ergonomic desks and chairs, well equipped meeting rooms, lockers, and high-speed internet, along with 24/7 coffee and drinks, professionals and guests can’t help but think of Hotel Schani as a viable option to schedule meetings with clients or meet-ups with friends.

Hobo HotelSofia Castensson, the PR Manager at Stockholm Sweden’s Hobo Hotel, said business and pleasure were fast fading into each other when it came to their hotel lobbies. “You need to meet the demand of both business and leisure traveler at the same time,” she said.  Providing everything their guests could possibly need is the hotel’s ultimate goal, from rooms, restaurants and bars, to events, offices, and apartments.

As more and more hotels around the world begin to open up their ground floor to the community, they will begin to notice how easily and organically their properties are showcased as an alternative to Starbucks and other co-working spaces.  That’s not only good for the hotel, but the community as a whole.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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