How COVID-19 Changed Hotel And Restaurant Design, According To Experts

4 Ways the Pandemic Shifted the Hospitality Industry


It’s no secret that the hotel and restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. While every industry is adjusting to maintain and grow its customer base, innovative alterations to hospitality companies have become a primary emphasis as renovations and plans are discussed.

Travel & Leisure magazine featured an article on this topic by Patricia Doherty titled, “How COVID-19 Has Changed Hotel and Restaurant Design, According to Experts.”  In it, Doherty looked at what Jackie Wright, principal at Pineapple Procurement was doing since Wright specializes in managing the acquisition of furniture, fixtures, and equipment for boutique, lifestyle, and luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and mixed-use developments.

Based on Doherty’s research, there seem to be four current areas of focus in hotel and restaurant design:

  1. Increased Emphasis on Hygiene and Cleanable Materials – the old way of adding accessories like bed throws and decorative pills to make a room feel homey (which weren’t washed often) are being exchanged for color design, texture, and furniture options.
  2. Flexibility in Space Planning – To maintain pandemic distancing guidelines, spaces are being adjusted for traffic flow, public gatherings, and social interactions.
  3. Focus on Wellness – Innovative ways to bring the outside inside to increase a connection to nature and adding more walking paths are on the rise.
  4. Technology Has an Expanded Role – Devices like sensors and voice activation, along with others, are reducing potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus in high-contact areas.

As 2021 continues and more people begin venturing out again to restaurants and hotels, it’s essential for property owners to make them feel safe and secure.  So if you are a hotel owner or General Manager considering a hotel renovation project in the near future, don’t hesitate to send us a project bid or contact us to learn more about how we make every project a Partner Grade Experience for our clients.

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