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May 8, 2018

Whether building a new hotel or renovating an existing one, it takes smart planning and great communication between the entire team, from the developer right down to the individuals working on-site. When thinking about a project typically planning, education, expectation, and cost-projection are what we consider the basics. Having each of these in place is extremely important, but sometimes in the shuffle of putting a project on the table, these foundational blocks get pushed to the side amidst all the other details. Communication between the owner, the architect, the design team, right down to the contractor and subcontractors is of the utmost importance. That sounds like common sense when starting any project but keeping those basic principles in mind from the first meeting to the grand opening is sometimes harder than we think.

In the following article by Dana Miller, writer for, experts in hotel design, construction and architecture give their best advice for making the building process as painless as possible. Even with the most seasoned developers there are always new ideas the design firm can teach, and with new materials and technology comes a huge variety of choices. When the developer sees what methods and products are available, the design team has a better ability to introduce cost-saving measures while keeping the quality of construction at the highest level.

For the designer, understanding the owner’s ideas and needs ensures that the job will progress fluidly and expectations are met. Key choices such as choosing the right contractor (not necessarily the cheapest) are made together. Great relationships, hiring the right people and working together choosing cost-effective methods and features culminate to building a hotel that pleases guests, developers and designers alike. Hear the experts’ advice on making each project the best yet in this article.


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