How Hotels Can Benefit from Thinking Small in the New Era

Hotels are embracing new ways of 'Thinking Small'


Think Small for Bigger Gains!

Not too long ago, there was a time when almost everything was big and huge! Whether it was cars, trucks, homes or appliances, bigger meant better. However, this also meant an increase in expenditures and a reduction in profitability as these items required more resources to not only operate, but to also maintain.

With businesses facing new financial challenges at every turn, companies have found that by embracing new ways of ‘thinking small’, they have grown. It has become critical to adapt to new ways of thinking small in order to achieve big results. For hotels, adapting new methods to decrease costs, increase profitability and enhance their customers’ experiences while staying relevant are vital.

A Return to the ‘Think Small’ Ways

The world is returning to the ways of thinking small. After all, with diminishing natural resources, overpopulation, and declining purchasing power, the best way to move forward is to think small. Even the smallest of changes can have a big effect.

One approach may be to invest in new technology. It can have a relatively low-cost impact while offering big benefits.  One of these benefits is it allows hoteliers to better manage and reduce their margins of error when it comes to many things such as guest satisfaction as well as safety and data management. New innovations and trends come and go but one of the most important and sought-after benefits with any new technology application is an increase in the overall efficiencies by offering faster and more proficient methods to perform their core operations.

Thinking small in the hospitality industry does not mean smaller hotels or rooms; it means reducing costs. With information technology playing an important role in almost every industry, technology designed specifically for the hospitality industry allows for:

  • Automated check-ins and check-outs
  • Advanced point of sale systems
  • Digitized and more secure guestroom entry keys
  • Modernized guestroom amenities
  • Better management of infrastructure components
  • Efficient data management of amenities

Focus on Cohesion

Simply purchasing the latest software may not be as easy as it sounds. Often times, utilizing multiple software solutions are necessary to address all needs. Nevertheless, technology should not be added piece by piece as it may result in a rigid system that is more troublesome than helpful. One of the best ways to address this is to first adapt an application processing interface (API) development strategy. A good API developer’s main focus should be your property’s needs and requirements while allowing for separate systems and software solutions to share and synchronize information. Although implementation of an API may sound like an unnecessary cost, the benefit will far outweigh the expense.

By implementing this methodology, it will allow your hotel to ‘think small,’ yet profit and grow big.

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