How Indie Resorts Make the Most Out of Family Vacations

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April 10, 2018

How Indie Resorts Make the Most of Family Vacations

Independent Hotels are taking smart steps to attract families and keep them not just coming back every year but being a destination that caters to couples and families alike. Recognizing that families vacation regularly and prefer having not just normal amenities such as maid and room service, but also entertainment for children and adults, they’ve changed their mindset on the services they offer. They have begun turning their hotels into resorts that cater to every age. The secret to pleasing their guests is variety, and in an article by Danielle Hess, writer for, she shares how independent hotels have capitalized on their locations in unique ways.

From offering camping-type excursions complete with guided hikes and campfires with s’mores to scuba diving and golfing, these independent hotels are not only earning money from guests’ room costs, but their vacation activities as well. Providing entertainment and activities within the hotel grounds keeps it simple for guests to book their playtime activities as they book their rooms. Keeping guests happy and giving them ‘wow’ moments is making repeat business much easier than ever before.

The following article demonstrates the smart changes and additions independent hotels have made to increase revenue, guest satisfaction, and providing their guests a vacation destination that feels like home. Taking away the worry and stress of booking activities for children while giving the adults some fun time is a massive selling point. See how these independent hotels are giving full vacations to their guests and becoming the destination, rather than simply a place to stay!


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