How Mobile Workforce Apps Streamline Construction

Mobile workforce applications can save you money and time


How Mobile Workforce Apps Can Streamline Your Construction Business

Construction organizations across the world are adapting to mobile workforce apps to assist their workforce throughout the day, aiming to improve their slow processes and turning them into more efficient ones. The best part is, not only are these applications inexpensive, they are also easy and simple to use.

Having two or three of these mobile workforce applications can potentially end up saving you thousands, if not millions, of dollars every year. If you are still not a believer, the following might help change your mind:

1. Improved Communication on the Field Helps Reduce Rework Costs

Believe it or not, but as per the construction industry reports, only in the United States do construction companies lose more or less than $65 Billion on rework costs. And of this estimate, almost 50% ($32.5 Billion) is due to mismanagement of data and lack of effective communication. This is a huge amount that can be saved if communications got better!

Enter Mobile Workforce Apps.

At the tips of each and every employee in the field and in the offices, these apps can drastically improve communications within your construction business. You can go for simple applications that allow easy chat, while there are others that have specifically been developed with construction management platforms.

They allow your workforce to:

  • Communicate with an entire group within seconds
  • Send alerts to field staff in real time
  • Send instructions for any changes in an instant BEFORE the work gets started

2. Reduce Time Theft to Plug Payroll Holes

Even today, many construction companies use paper sign-ins for tracking their employees’ time. Not only is this system outdated, it also has a lot of errors. In most construction companies, this loss goes unnoticed and when it does, it can hurt your revenue by almost 20% due to employee time theft.

Mobile work force apps can plug the payroll holes!

Often times, well-meaning employees can make mistakes when rounding up or down as they track time on a sheet. Others may take advantage and do their personal errands during work hours or take long lunch breaks. Regardless of the reason, the cost always adds up.

To tackle this situation, there are several time tracking apps designed for construction businesses. This way you will know exactly where your employees are and what they are doing to avoid payroll errors due to poor timesheet oversight.

3. Keep all Board Members and Stakeholders in the Loop

When working on a project, you need to make sure that your stakeholders are in the loop with regards to the progress of the construction project. By doing good work, a mobile workforce app can provide you with the ability to communicate with your important stakeholders, managers and supervisors in real-time. With everyone knowing the progress of the project, they will be able to make better decisions.

4. Better Collaboration Between the Field Staff and the Office Staff

Having a system that allows all the teams in the project to be able to connect with one another within seconds increases efficiency. This provides the ability to change direction quickly should there be any last-minute alterations to the construction plan.

5. Less Time Writing Reports, More Time Constructing

Instead of having your field staff do double shifts of visiting the construction site and then going to the office to write a report(s), why not make things simple and easy for them?

With mobile workforce apps your field staff can create a report from the field. This allows them to focus more on the construction, without worrying about filing a report at the end of every day after leaving the field.

6. Uncompromising Safety Improvements for Workers

With so much going on at a construction site, there are always high chances of injury, or something far worse. Now that each and every construction company has to ensure the safety of their workers, a mobile workforce app can help keep everyone safe!

With employees having easy access to inspection lists and safety data sheets, they can easily view any safety regulation whenever they need it. If a worker encounters something damaged or dangerous at a construction site, they can instantly communicate the concern via the application to everyone on and off the field.

7. Keep Your Construction Assets Safe and Sound

By using GPS in your device and also installing them in your assets, you can keep track of each and every equipment, box or tool. For construction companies, there are workforce applications that cater specifically to monitoring your fleet of construction equipment.  In case of any theft, the message from the field can be delivered to the management instantly, who can relay the theft to the authorities.

With numerous mobile workforce applications created to serve the construction business, it’s a “no-brainer” to consider using them to streamline your operations, while also improving other aspects of your construction project.

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