How Tabletops Impact the Overall Restaurant Experience

The instrumental role tabletops play in restaurant experience

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

June 18, 2019

There is no denying tabletops pump life into any restaurant. They have a significant impact on the overall dining atmosphere, accentuate the plating, and complement a palatable meal. Guests take a lot of pleasure in interacting with one another, enjoying their food, and absorbing the charming subtleties of the restaurant.

Sure, tabletops aren’t the ‘only’ factor that can enhance a restaurant’s charm and liveliness. And it is safe to say that this element may take a backseat once in a while. But there is no question it brilliantly ties together the overall restaurant experience. Whether restaurant owners focus on sticking firmly to tradition or emphasize on revamping the trend of tabletops, it is vital to understand that any choice they make will affect their customers’ experience.

For instance, restaurateurs aiming to please their guests by creating a relaxed and sensual environment will benefit from reflecting their ideas in installing earthy and impromptu tableware. And those that want to add a high sense of luxury and an upscale feel can invest in alternatives that are more expensive such as customized tabletops and soft, crisp linen, as well as opulent and rococo utensils.

Cafe Juanita


However, a more minimalistic approach to tabletops is the current benchmark for a majority of restaurants owners today. The famous chef and the owner of Café Juanita, Holly Smith, believes that the table is a pleasant palate of colors, waiting to be put together. Her posh restaurant is located in Kirkland, Washington.

The café is famed for its delightful Northern Italian food and one of the best highlights of the restaurant is its expansive wall of windows. The windows allow guests to have a beautiful view into the canopy of flora and fauna outside. While the tabletops are simple and minimalistic, when you combine the outside environment with the ambience of the restaurant, everything superbly falls into place.

The interior decoration concepts surrounding various bars and restaurants have increasingly become more sophisticated and involved with a good degree of faux pas. But that is all thanks to the evolution of the restaurant industry during the past couple of decades and the revolution in interior design that it has brought with it. Although food and service matter the most, with the evolution in design, you cannot leave behind the instrumental role fixtures and fittings play in a restaurant.


This transformation in restaurant design and trends reflects in today’s social media scene. Restaurant photography by food bloggers and lovers will always highlight the essence of the restaurants – their tabletops. Another trend that has taken over these days are signature tabletops, uniquely immortalizing the tabletop of any restaurant, bar or café as exclusively theirs. This significantly helps embed a captivating impression in the minds of all the people that eat there. A perfect example of tabletop design is how a famous restaurant in Memphis, Restaurant Iris, folds their table napkins into the shape of the beautiful flower iris.

The same goes for Canlis, a posh and luxurious restaurant in Seattle; they keep an old school rotary telephone on one of their tables. The table even has a name “Table No.1”. This was the favorite table of mega celebrities such as John Wayne as well as the founder of the restaurant, Peter Canlis.

Bottom Line

The leading trends in tabletops throughout a slew of upscale and other niche and upbeat restaurants are mostly geometrical, precise and clean encompassing bold textures. Essentially, restaurant tables today have transitioned into something far more than an object on which you put your plates; they have become an epitome of style and luxury and a way to enhance the dining experience.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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