How To Sustainably Renovate Your Home


The construction industry isn’t the most sustainable or climate-friendly sector out there. Did you know that cement alone was responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions according to a 2018 research?

However, that does not mean that everything is a lost cause. If you’re a homeowner who is looking to renovate, here are a few tips on how you can still do it sustainably through green remodeling.

Keep an eye out for major greenhouse gas emitters

Are you aware of the major culprits behind carbon emissions?

First off, we have material waste. Since demolition is a big part of home renovations, going green during this step can be a struggle. To combat this, try to discover if there are ways you can donate or give away some of the materials , rather than  letting them get dumped in a landfill.

Another major emitter is electricity. The first step here is to check how much you are actually using and determine where you can reduce it or optimize it within your home. Start switching over to a geothermal HVAC system or energy-efficient lighting as a way to contribute to a better world.

Find sustainable alternatives

Before embarking on a home renovation project, check the materials you plan to invest in. Your current line-up may be cheaper or higher quality, but they are not always the greener option.

If you plan to go for green remodeling, it is best to find alternatives—ones that emit the least pollutants or uses less energy than the industry standard—from the start. These can be little things such as home décor items or even major materials you plan to use for your roof.

A few ways to achieve this is opting for wood that was sustainably harvested, installing solar energy to power your home, or using reclaimed furniture .

Opt for climate-friendly projects

A step forward towards a more sustainable practice is to take on projects that can help the world as a whole.

As mentioned previously, you can invest in solar panels to reduce your annual energy costs. It’s even estimated that there can be an increase in a home’s value for every kWh panel that’s installed.

Another way to is to add more greenery to  help with carbon absorption. You can start re-landscaping your yard and adding more trees to aid in this fight against climate change in your own little way.

One final way to contribute is to pre-plan which furniture and appliances you can “pass on” to others or local charities before you begin remodeling your home. This action can help decrease land waste, and in a bigger scale, means that less energy is used to create something new and shiny.

With the launch of the Paris Agreement to work towards lessening our carbon emissions, we all have a part to play in creating a better and more sustainable world. Your home renovation project is no different, and we hope you will chose one of the ways we shared to go greener.


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