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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

November 12, 2019

Opinions are always subjective. There’s no “best” musical artist, or flavor of ice cream, or perfect color—except when it comes to seasons, because there is a clear winner in that category. The autumn!

Hot beverages, sweater weather, leaves changing into bright and beautiful colors, and of course, Halloween! A time to dress up and entertain, scare, or delight others—tricks and treats are both perfectly fine with us. Our team got together in the office (well, in the back of the warehouse, to be exact—it’s spookier back there) last month for a family Halloween party to celebrate the spooky, the scary, and the downright fun that is this time of year!

Our party had the obligatory pumpkins, but rather than carve them, we took a page from our Frederick Rocks event in April and painted them! Members of our team, as well as their guests and children, had a great time designing some wild and spooky images on miniature pumpkins. Check out the wonderful creations!

It’s not a Halloween party without costumes, and the brave souls at Triple Crown did not disappoint! The winners for Best Costume were our office manager, Cindy Stevens, who dressed as the Queen Bee (since she keeps the office humming along!) and Zoe Eackles, her administrative assistant, who went as the Bee-keeper.

Costumes and pumpkins weren’t the only outlets for Team TCC’s creativity at the party. We also had a potluck with the direction for attendees to bring “spooky” side dishes or treats for all to share, and it got…well, appropriately spooky. Sure, “devilishly spooky eggs” doesn’t sound too scary, but how does a “cadaver meat tray” grab you?  Also on offer were “Frankenstein pasta salad,” a “mummy cheese spread,” “zombie eyeballs,” and two kinds of chili: West Virginia Rhodekill, and Radioactive Zombie Meat!*

We rounded out the evening with a S’mores station along with Halloween-themed movies and music throughout the night. It was a fun time with our family, friends, and colleagues, and we can’t wait until NEXT Halloween to see what other scary creations Team TCC conjures up! Though maybe we don’t have to wait that long, if we go all Nightmare Before Christmas in December…

*Thankfully no humans were turned into zombies throughout the course of this party.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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