Marriott Unveils the Hotel 'SMART' Room Prototypes

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February 7, 2018

Marriott has taken personal service to an entirely new level, and ‘Bethesda Beat’ has caught up with Ufuk Keskin, a senior manager in Global Design at Marriott International, to give insight about the latest innovation Marriott will be introducing called the ‘SMART’ room. The latest in environmental technology, Amazon Alexa, is making an overnight stay change from simply a comfortable, clean room with the normal amenities, to a customized stay that has your every preference set before you arrive. Marriott has long set the bar for excellent hotel service, and they aren’t changing what works, they’re offering ease and comfort with the latest technological innovation.

The SMART room is an innovative way to customize their rooms to meet the needs of the tech-savvy executive, bringing the comforts of both home and office directly into their hotel stay. More than just the perfect room temperature, the capabilities of the SMART room are intriguing and exciting for the executive who travels often and craves some stability and comfort above and beyond the norms.

No more limitations on how your room can be utilized, whether you need your home office to come to you or the ability to relax with your favorite music and snacks or making notes for your business meeting the next day from the shower, this takes concierge service and puts it not just at your fingertips but at the sound of your voice.

The prospect of having 21st Century technology in a hotel is something entirely new. Marriott, as always, is a step ahead of the rest. The following article details what the SMART room will offer, as well as the anticipated date of its completion. The combination of comfort, technology, and innovation is an exciting prospect for guests. There’s ‘no place like home’ but Marriott comes extremely close.

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