The Partner-Grade Experience and Why You Deserve It

Can You Afford to Work With a Firm That's Not Partner-Grade?


According’s article, Top 10 Main Causes of Project Failure, construction projects generally fail because of one of the following reasons: poor preparation, inadequate documentation and tracking, bad leadership, failure to define parameters and enforce them, inexperienced project managers, inaccurate cost estimations, little communication at every level of management, culture or ethical misalignment, competing priorities, or disregarding warning signs.

Any one of those items can cause the relationship between the client and the construction company to become very tense. Throw in three or more of those during a project engagement, and it’s likely you’ll never be sent another project from that client.

It’s impossible to guarantee that any project will not have any challenges. However, what a construction company can do is develop a series of core values that honor the client and the project to significantly reduce the risk of failures.

We at Triple Crown Construction (TCC) specialize in preconstruction, commercial construction and hospitality renovation and have always been dedicated to high levels of client satisfaction and project success. In the last few years, we made the decision to take our company to the next level through performance improvement initiatives: internally with our staff and leadership, as well as externally with our project engagements.

This new focus has brought our company more business and more client accolades than ever before.  One of the reasons for this is the six promises we make to each client to provide a Partner-Grade experience:

  1. High-quality workmanship completed on budget, on time every time
  2. Organized communication to keep you informed and in control
  3. Realistic budgets and timelines you can trust
  4. Professional insight that minimizes guest disruptions
  5. Managing the headaches and challenges renovations nearly always present
  6. A partner committed to your success

These six promises have become the core values ingrained into every TCC employee and subcontractor.  Everyone who joins the company or is hired as a subcontractor must share a commitment to being Partner-Grade.  Our company’s virtues of efficiency, clear communication and providing an excellent customer experience are at the core of everything we do. This is clearly evident from an informal survey we collected from some of our staff and contractors recently:

“To me, Partner-Grade means that the team at TCC is going to make the client feel like we are a part of their team. They will be provided with a level of service that has their best interest in mind every step of the way. They will know we are their partner in the process, not just their contractor.” – Jacki Grubb, Accounting Manager

“Being Partner-Grade means that we are constantly striving to meet the highest grade in quality and care with our partners/clients in order to achieve the best results in our projects. Our constant contact and feedback with our partner/clients allow us to create 100% satisfaction at the completion of the project.” –  Zoe Eackles, Administrative Assistant

“Our Partners are everywhere we work. From the Team we work with, to the hotel management and staff, to the vendors we partner with, to the ownership groups that provide us with the privilege to do what we love – because we love what we do. But where it all begins is with our greatest partners, the hotel guests. Without them, we are not complete. The entire reason we do what we do is for them. The real reward is their satisfaction and positive reaction, and to their stay at one of our renovated properties. It is proof that we are Partner Grade.” – Bernie Munro, Site Superintendent

“Partner grade means applying our passion, talent and precision to conduct your projects as though it belonged to us.” – Mark Cooney, Project Assistant

“Partner-grade is a frame of mind. It means that we are 100% committed to the success of each and every project, regardless of the size or scope. We don’t simply work for our clients – we aspire to form lasting relationships with them.” – Cindy Stevens, Office Manager

The Partner Grade experience goes beyond just getting the job done; it’s the methods and tactics that we use to ensure our stakeholders benefit the partnership. We are passionate about delivering excellent results, committed to successful performance, and devoted to raising the standard of excellence in the construction industry.

If you are in the process of preparing your next project for bid, take a few minutes and think about what’s really important to you:  a) the most economical project cost, or b) the project being done right, on time and within budget, at a fair cost? The best answer, of course, is B.

Our 20-year history of success, reliability, construction expertise, customer-focus, and project management effectiveness make us the smart choice. You deserve to work with a company you can count on.

So, before you make a decision on your next contractor, ask yourself: Can you afford to work with a firm that’s not Partner-Grade?  Contact us to let us know you want a Partner-Grade experience at each stage of your next project.

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About Triple Crown Construction:

Founded in 1991, Triple Crown Construction built a reputation for itself as a reliable partner in the hospitality and commercial construction industry by understanding and delivering on its partners’ expectations. Based in Frederick, Maryland, Triple Crown Construction strives to approach each and every project with the goal to deliver quality, service, and value, and is committed to raising the standard of excellence in all areas of its work. The company operates with a family mentality, a commitment to the greater community, and a desire to work with those who aim to improve their customers’ experience.

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