The Poetry of Hospitality Revolves Around Anticipation and Empathy

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March 6, 2018


Galaxies, solar satellites, the very Earth and its plates.
Whatever matter spins the reality, each one rotates.
Every unique universe growing its own ebb and flow,
Same as an ocean shall pummel shores then pull undertow.

– Zero the Lyric, 2013

There is a type of dance that occurs when a well-trained team of people work together. Harmony and melody, meter and verse, they all know where to place each step, which part of the song or dance is theirs to sing, and the great pride that comes when the song is sung, the book closed, and that guest is radiant when they say their farewell. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of a job well done in the hospitality industry.

The truth about the hospitality industry is simple, and it is all done with flow and ebb. It is as simple as taking notice of the little details both before and after the guest arrives. This makes the difference between a delighted smile or a frustrated sigh when they leave. To take the extra effort towards making a guest feel welcome and appreciated, a team of professionals begin with attention to detail, an exceptionally clean room of course, but a personal touch that tells your guest that you know them, you anticipated their needs, and want them to have an exceptional visit.

The article, The Poetry of Hospitality Revolves around Anticipation and Empathy by Colin Nagy for explains that it is the synchronicity of all the hotel employees that makes for an excellent stay from the valet or desk personnel to the cleaning and maintenance staff, right up to the manager and owner. Everyone plays a part, everyone has an impression to make, and everyone is valuable. When you see it happening, it really is poetry.


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