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Managing Building Construction and Renovation in the New Normal


In the first quarter of 2020, many businesses from various industries have been forced to stop their operations, even the construction sector has taken some damage from the pandemic’s effects. With projects on hold, many people wonder what the future will look like, especially in a field where a project’s success relies on people being on-site.

With that thought in mind, our experts here at Triple Crown Construction share their own insights on how the new normal will look like for the building construction and management industry.

Heightened safety protocols

In May 2020, construction firms rebounded and employment bounced back in an effort to recoup half of the losses witnessed in April. However, this does not mean that many will return to their normal routines.

Since Coronavirus is mainly a health issue, it is no surprise that safety planning is being taken to the next level. Social distancing and constant disinfection have become normal practices and all industries have adopted their own social distancing measures. Some firms and companies even opted for shifting breaks and one-way systems for circulation on-site.

We at Triple Crown Construction have set our own COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness and Response Plan in place. Our Project Superintendent, Will Drecktrah, ensures that each one of these guidelines are followed.

“Triple Crown Construction treats the health and safety of our employees and subcontractors as top priority,” Will reiterates.

From complying with the PPE standards, confirming and ensuring placements of necessary Coronavirus-related signages, to routine disinfection of all work surfaces, the construction and renovation industry can expect a stricter implementation of health practices.

New site additions to promote constant sanitation practices

As safety protocols will be strictly implemented among employees, subcontractors, and all other guests, one can also expect changes to in construction sites.

TCC Project Manager Kurt Peurasaari listed down new additions to each site as part of the company’s COVID-19 plan to combat the virus. Namely, indoor and outdoor handwashing stations, and sanitation spots in high-traffic areas, and check-in entrance booths where everyone who enters the project site will undergo temperature check and answer a questionnaire to ensure that they were not recently exposed.

Kurt notes that all these are an effort to not only protect the overall wellbeing of both the company, our employees, and subcontractors, but also the community surrounding the project.

These new additions can be expected throughout the construction industry in the new norm, especially in high-traffic places both inside and outside of the project.

Remote site inspections and technological upgrades

The Coronavirus opened possibilities that not many people considered in the past. One of them is the advantage of effective remote collaborations, cashless payments, and new sanitation additions to high-traffic indoor areas such as elevators.

As the pandemic has placed a spotlight on the many advantages of the digital world, there is a possibility that remote site inspections will be in high demand in the coming months or years.

David Krause, Project Manager for Triple Crown Construction, states that hotel renovations in particular will be more technologically advanced. Krause foresees that cellphones will mainly be used for cashless payments and hotels may utilize mobile devices to turn them into guestroom keys. He also believes that footswitches in elevators and voice-activated tech are also a possibility in the near future.

“All these appliances will depend on the approval of the brand and what will become the new standard,” David notes.

This leads to the conclusion that safety is now the utmost priority, especially when it comes to commercial building construction and renovation. Future technological advancements are expected to cater to this new need.

As Rhody Ross, Triple Crown Construction’s Business Development Manager, stated: “We have taken pride in our teamwork and client-partner operations. Now, there is a newly added element to take into consideration that creates a new personal impact on each individual.”

Looking Ahead

Developments around the COVID-19 pandemic are evolving rapidly, and it has tested the construction industry’s agility like never before. By adjusting management policies and introducing digital solutions to the whole construction process, we can empower the managers with more tools to push their projects ahead with greater clarity which allows us to retain and advance a Partner-Grade performance to our clients even in the new normal.

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