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Partner-Grade means you have open and organized communication with your Triple Crown team. We use Procore to also provide you 24/7 access to current project information.

Procore Construction Software

Procore Construction Software

Triple Crown Construction has selected Procore as its construction software solution to keep members of the project team informed and aware of progress on hospitality renovation projects. This comprehensive tool allows all members of the team to stay abreast of communications, information, and updates on projects wherever and whenever they have access to the internet and a computer, tablet or smartphone. Take advantage of at-your-fingertips access to daily reports, change orders and project updates as they occur, helping you and your staff make decisions and respond quickly and appropriately.

At Triple Crown Construction, we are committed to maintaining Partner-Grade solutions for our clients. Learn how Partner-Grade solutions can give your organization an advantage on your next hospitality renovation project.

Take a look at the videos below to learn more about Procore and how we’ll use it to make your renovation project go smoother.

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