Revitalizing Old Buildings Sets Growing Trend for Hotel Industry

No longer used for their intended purpose, old buildings have morphed into plush hotels offering the latest amenities

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

July 16, 2019

According to, nearly 100 million Americans will embark on family vacations at some point in 2019. Their style of vacationing will vary, of course. But regardless of where they travel or what they plan to do, a majority of those 100M will most likely spend money to sleep safely and privately inside a building rather than camping out under the stars.

Hotel choices are numerous. A STR census estimated there were roughly five million hotel rooms throughout more than 5,200 properties across the U.S. at the end of 2015.  With all those options, brand differentiation is more than just a marketing requirement… it’s essential!

Clayton Daspit, a principal at The Beck Group, wrote an article on about this trend. He shares that “More hoteliers are repurposing old and abandoned buildings that embody in stone and steel a historic narrative of their locale, as well as a remarkable level of detail and intrigue that conventional hotels cannot replicate. No longer used for their intended purpose, urban factories, warehouses, hospitals, office buildings, and schools have morphed into plush hotels offering the latest amenities.”

A growing trend within the hotel industry is to look for old buildings

or historic landmarks and revitalize them.

revitalizing old buildings

Candler Building (Atlanta) during the Dragon Con Parade 2010

Focusing on the booming Atlanta market, Daspit gives an overview of successful renovation projects for such buildings as the circa-1920’s Glenn office building, a long-abandoned Medical Arts Building, the 1920’s landmark Clermont Motor Hotel, and the Candler Building from 1906.  Showcasing the Candler building’s transformation, he tells the story of how the design-build team created an accurate 3D representation of the building early in their planning process to reduce challenges that typically occur during renovations.

Despite all their detailed and carefully inspected pre-work, however, their team still experienced a few interesting obstacles: 1) A long-ago collapsed floor area which caused columns to shift several inches from floor to floor, 2) An antiquated elevator which couldn’t be repaired the way they thought it could, 3) While building a second staircase to meet modern building codes they ran into issues with emergency exits as well as structural integrity concerns, and 4) The original building did not have a canopy to ensure guests would stay dry when it rained as they loaded or unloaded their vehicles. The historic preservation standards forbid changes that damage, compete with or detract from a historically designated building’s character; so a removable transparent glass canopy was erected to innovatively address that issue.

To learn more about the growing restoration trend in the hotel industry, click here to read Clayton Daspit’s article.

As you plan your sleeping arrangements the next time you travel for business or pleasure, consider doing research on unique hotels in the area to enhance your experience. You never know – that revitalized building could be the best “bang” for your buck you’ve ever had and make your trip even more satisfying.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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