Smart Hotels Impact on Customer Retention

Smart Hotels: How Technology Can Impact Customer Retention & Market Share


The Hospitality Industry closely watches customer trends in order to meet and exceed expectations. In 2019 a Deloitte report on US Travel & Hospitality predicted that “personalization” would be increasingly important to maintain and increase market share. For hotels, that meant reinventing a traveler’s stay through the use of “smart” technology advances to automate a customer’s experience in a way that’s “perfect” for them.

Hotels began making adjustments towards this new high-tech option, and then COVID-19 hit, causing everyone to shut down just before the busiest seasons of the year, Spring and Summer. With Fall 2020 now approaching, and everyone beginning to take steps to recover from shelter-in-place orders, the hotel industry is expecting some people to book travel plans again.

As hotels scramble to showcase their properties in an attractive way, personalization through the use of smart technology will become even more essential to retain former customers and attract new ones.

Smartvel, a travel blog, released an article titled, “Smart Hotels: What to Expect from the Future of Hospitality.”  In the article, they explain what smart technology is and remark, “Before, old-style luxury meant chandeliers and butlers. Today, it means taking a technology-first approach. Millennial travelers especially, have high digital expectations. They want to discover new options and book tips and tours directly from their phones. In fact, their phones are the first place they go for everything from entertainment to ordering food.”

Rather than simply adding smart technology options, hotels across the globe are implementing unique features to grab the attention of potential guests. For example, the Yotel Singapore Orchard Road Hotel has room service delivered by robots, and their New York property developed the first “porter” robot which takes your luggage and stores it for you. The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas added voice-activated Alexa devices in all 2000 rooms as a touchless way for guests to play music, change TV channels, and control the thermostat in their room. The NH Hotel Berlin in Germany took a page from Star Wars and now utilizes holographic technology to beam meeting attendees or presentations into rooms within their Berlin, Milan and Barcelona properties.

Smart technology is not just for the guests’ benefit. It also provides hotel operations new ways to optimize their processes and improve their KPIs. This information and more is included in the Smartvel article, which you can read in full by clicking here.

If you are a hotel owner or General Manager considering a renovation project as you begin to implement smart technology throughout your property, don’t hesitate to send us a project bid or contact us to learn more about how we make every project a Partner Grade Experience for our clients.

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