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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

July 2, 2019

The TCC Team Have Escape Room Adventures – Sailing the High Seas and Recovering the Holy Grail!

Team camaraderie is important in any organization; growing closer to the people you spend Mondays to Fridays with and learning to work together effectively will not only help employees enjoy their work life even more, but it keeps the business humming along when everyone is closer. That’s why summer retreats and team-building events are common at many organizations. At Triple Crown Construction, we aim to do at least one each month because we want employees to feel like they’re part of a family.

Often, team-building events take the form of parties or coming together to give back to the community. In many cases they are relaxing, low-stress activities that allow employees to let their hair down and have a good time with one another.

Sometimes, though, relaxing can be overrated—it can be time for a shot of adrenaline and a touch of competition to keep everyone sharp!

This June, members of the Triple Crown Construction family did just that—going head-to-head at Surelocked In Escape Games in Frederick to see which team could solve their escape room’s puzzle first!

Escape Room - Surelocked InFor those unfamiliar, escape rooms are entertainment venues that have grown in popularity in the past few years. Taking inspiration from video games, horror tropes, and mystery movies, escape rooms are simple at their core: a group of people are placed in a room and have a limited amount of time to solve puzzles that will allow them to “escape.” This basic formula leaves room for a lot of creative execution, and various escape rooms around the globe have iterated on it to create some unique, unforgettable experiences built around a variety of themes. In each, participants need to use their logic skills, contextual awareness, and imaginations to follow clues and solve the riddles that lead to their victory.

At Surelocked In, we split into two teams and went “Head 2 Head”—the guys versus the girls! —to see who could complete their challenge first! Both teams started simultaneously and had one hour to solve their puzzle and open the door between the adjoining rooms. The competition was truly a fierce race to the finish!

The guys were tasked with an ancient challenge—finding the holy grail. It was part of the “Knight Out” room, where our Gentlemanly Knights sought the grail in order to save a wounded King Arthur and thus, their whole kingdom. The mission the girls were tasked with in our room was…a little less noble: we were dastardly pirates trying to escape with the king’s stolen gold while the Royal Navy tried to blow our ship to bits in the “Ship Outta Luck” adventure!

Escape Room - teamBoth teams were determined to come out the victor, but despite both sides getting extremely close to the ultimate solution, neither were able to cross the finish line in the time allotted. But everyone had a blast! The teams worked extremely well together, with everyone contributing and no one individual trying to hog the spotlight and be the sole leader—everyone got to experience their own “Ah-ha!” moment where they discovered the answer to a puzzle stumping their team.

“We all stepped up to the plate when needed,” said Cindy Stevens, Triple Crown Construction’s office manager. “In any group of people there are all sorts of different skills being brought to the table, and an escape room turned out to be the perfect exercise to utilize our individual strengths for the benefit of the team.”

“As a gentlemanly Knight, I must declare that our strategic Round Table was engaged and focused on the mission at hand,” stated Triple Crown’s construction operations manager Greg Maciulla. “At our Round Table, with all Knights equal and mission critical, we strategized logically the clear and straight path to obtain the Holy Grail. The mission was clear—some would say crystal clear: find the Grail and save our badly wounded King. Though there was quite the raucous in the Outta Luck Ship just outside our castle walls, steadfast and undeterred we were. However, it became sadly apparent that time was not on our side.”

A number of Triple Crown employees are already planning their next trip to the escape room, determined to succeed this time around. We’re a competitive bunch—as the Surelocked team saw firsthand!  If you’re looking for a fun group experience around Frederick, maybe you’ll run into some of us there!

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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