TCC Paint Night - Unleashing our inner artists

Triple Crown About Town – February 2020


At Triple Crown Construction, we want our employees to think of their time with us as more than just a job. It might seem clichéd, but we want to build a true team here, a family that we enjoy going in to see on Monday mornings, rather than dreading the start of the workweek.

Even though our staff is known for their exceptional and reliable work on the site – or in the office, supporting those out in the field – we’re happy to say they take a lot more away than the knowledge of a good day’s work when they head home in the evening. Those at TCC can take pride in the fact that they’re building something together that all can be proud of – while making some friends along the way.

Painting materialsEvery month we try to do something as a company. Sometimes we throw a holiday party or host a networking event. Often, we’ll see what charities and local causes we can give back to. Sometimes, though, we just need to let our hair down and relax! That’s why in February of 2020 we spent a night on the town – well, technically we spent it in the office, but it definitely felt like a night out – painting to our hearts’ content! We had a local pro artist come by the TCC headquarters equipped with easels, paint, canvases, aprons, and, of course, snacks – everything one could possibly need to spark their inner muse!

After a brief introduction to the basics of painting (which many of us desperately needed!), we all sat down to put our brushes to canvas to see what would come out. And wouldn’t you know it, some TCC folks are real Picassos! Check out these great paintings:

There’s a lot of creativity in our team and everyone’s personality definitely came through in their artwork. We took turns admiring each other’s handiwork, and while some took their creations home, others kept them in the office to be hung as a reminder of the wonderful evening the team spent together. The crew enjoyed the challenge and seeing the results; there’s something reinvigorating about having a goal put before you and seeing it through to completion with your own hands.

“It was surprisingly therapeutic,” said Angie Ugaz, Triple Crown’s project coordinator. “Really, really cool event; one of my favorites so far.”

Some TCC employees were already requesting we do this event again next year, or even sooner! We very well might, and who knows what new team members (or future Da Vincis) will join us by then. Maybe you? If you’re looking for a position with a top-notch general contractor full of fun, creative and hardworking people, contact us today!

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