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Triple Crown About Town – January 2020


We stay busy at Triple Crown Construction. Whether we’re hard at work renovating a hotel, giving back to our community, or simply celebrating each other including our unique senses of style, our days are full of activity. But every now and then, it is beneficial to take a step back to reflect on the previous year while looking forward and planning the future. That’s why we began having the Triple Crown Construction Summit.

Every year, the TCC Summit brings our entire team together for a day of fun, camaraderie, corporate goal alignment, and team building activities. Taking place at the end of January, this year’s Summit was no different. “Our Summits are a great chance to gather in a secure but open space to reflect about ways to make our company stronger, professionally and morally” said Zoe Eackles, Triple Crown’s Administrative Assistant. “What stood out the most to me was how my idea of what a leader was changed from the beginning of the session to the end and that we are all leaders in our own way.”

The team members discussed how their individual roles play a part in the overall success of the Company, the personality traits and qualities they believe a good leader possesses, while developing their mantra for 2020 and beyond: Commit, Perform, and Adapt.

This mantra has been established to help guide us in our day-to-day tasks and be better partners to our clients. We discovered that being able to answer “yes” to 3 simple questions is an important first step in any situation: Are we committed to our clients and their projects? Are we performing to our clients’ expectations — and our own? And are we able to adapt when necessary?

During the Summit we also asked each team member to share their ideas and perspectives on what makes a good leader. Although many of the typical leadership traits were examined (confidence, honestly, commitment, etc.), we also discussed the importance of cohesion, compassion, and understanding. Leadership is not about standing alone but unifying and utilizing the skills of everyone on your team to their utmost potential.

The Summit made for a “successful and informative” event, said Angie Ugaz, project coordinator. “Discussing ways to incorporate our new mantra of Commit, Perform, and Adapt in everything we do here at TCC was energizing and inspiring.”

2020 has the beginnings of a wonderful year for Triple Crown and its partners. Our partners will benefit most from our commitment, our performance, and our ability to adapt to new challenges. Here’s to the next twelve months together!

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About Triple Crown Construction:

Founded in 1991, Triple Crown Construction built a reputation for itself as a reliable partner in the hospitality and commercial construction industry by understanding and delivering on its partners’ expectations. Based in Frederick, Maryland, Triple Crown Construction strives to approach each and every project with the goal to deliver quality, service, and value, and is committed to raising the standard of excellence in all areas of its work. The company operates with a family mentality, a commitment to the greater community, and a desire to work with those who aim to improve their customers’ experience.

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