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Virtual Game Night Generates Lots of Laughs for TCC Staff


Triple Crown Construction has a history of scheduling company events outside of business hours on a regular basis so everyone can relax and enjoy each other’s company. While no one is required to attend, most times the majority of the office and local field staff show up. With everyone working from home since March due to Covid-19, it has been even more important for the team to connect and have fun together.

The most recent company gathering was a virtual crossword puzzle and Pictionary game night. Eleven people jumped on Zoom, teams were formed, and everyone spent the night laughing for all kinds of reasons.

trivia night #1

During the crossword puzzle game, generational perspectives became apparent when partial words prompted a variety of responses, or confused looks, due to a younger vs. older cultural understanding of a word.  Everyone’s different sense of humor elicited all kinds of quips during each round, as they all pitched in to solve puzzle clues.

Later the TCC team shifted gears to play Pictionary, a game where one person on a team is given a word or phrase and they must draw pictures as clues to help their fellow teammates guess what it is. Utilizing Zoom’s white board feature the game began. The laughs got even louder as each person did their best to use their mouse to draw pictures on the board representing the word or phrase they received. At the end of each round, the pictures and the actual word or phrase often did not come even close to resembling each other, which provoked comedic remarks from many in the group.

Pictionary Game

“The crossword puzzle was fun because everyone brought a different area of knowledge to the table so we were able to knock it out pretty quickly. Someone knew sports while someone else knew history.  It was fun to see how everyone’s minds work differently! As we played, I noticed team members’ kids joining in behind their parents and even participating.  What started out as an activity to provide us with a way to connect with our coworkers during this time turned into a fun family event that brought a lot of laughs for everyone!” – Jacki Grubb, Accounting Manager

By the time the game night ended, everyone remarked that the evening was just what they needed to reconnect and have fun after spending all week diligently working remotely through text, email, and Zoom business meetings to keep their construction projects on track.  One team member remarked that only way the event could’ve gone better would have been to turn it into a drinking game!

“Camaraderie was a plus to pull the team together as we all had a great time accomplishing each game collectively….my adult daughter is home and she showed some jealousy over our Friday company Zooms” – David Krause, Service Division Manager

 “It was definitely a fun time! I can’t wait to see what games Cindy and Zoe cooked up for next Friday!!” – Catherine Payne, Contract Administrator

 Events like these show Triple Crown has a softer side with a lot of heart and soul. The company truly desires to maintain a family atmosphere amongst all the office and field staff.  Promoting regular fellowship is essential to help TCC employees avoid burnout and job overwhelm. Each company event is designed to allow everyone to recharge and recoup their bearings, and a wonderful byproduct of those gatherings is the new things they learn about each other from event to event:

“We are inspirational! Learning about each other at a different level allows us to know we are human with very similar life experiences (good, bad, happy, sad, easy, tough).  Our job is our job, but we live, too.  It is good to be reminded of the small things, the important things.  Who knew David was such an artist, and Bill, the come from behind genius?  I had no idea that Rhody was so competitive. Mark – what more can be said? Zoe is quite the chef and multi-tasking is easy for her; she always brings a smile and knows more than her young years. Jackie has more creativity than I knew and not just a boring number cruncher. Cindy is the most well rounded and diverse of us all. And Ms. Payne – her upscale Chicagoan red-carpet lifestyle has brought class, couth, sophistication, mind opening philosophical thought, and purism – yet, she fits right-in. I am proud to be a part of such a diverse and unique group of characters. Thanks for the ride. Let’s continue on and make even more wild and crazier.” – Greg Maciulla, Construction Operations Manager

As you can see, at Triple Crown Construction, everyone authentically cares about everyone else. It’s the Triple Crown Way to make sure people have a good time and enjoy what they do, inside and outside the office.  Mark Cooney, Project Assistant, sums it up best when he says, Whether you are the boss or the janitor, everyone is treated equally and encouraged to let their hair down and have fun on and off the job.”

If you are a hotel owner or general manager in need of a General Contractor for a renovation project, you are likely to have a better experience working with a company like Triple Crown Construction because of their “Work Hard, Play Hard” standard mode of operation whether they are on a job site, in the office, at a community event, or a company gathering. Don’t hesitate to send us requests for proposals, project planning and PIP consultations. Contact our office at 240-815-5300 or at if we can be of assistance.

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