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TCC Trivia Night Was NO Trivial Matter!


May’s monthly team gathering at Triple Crown Construction (TCC) proved to be a unique experience!  After shifting to continuous virtual interactions in order for the entire TCC team to keep their construction projects moving forward over the last three months, Chris Rapp was looking for a different type of virtual event for his staff.

“I look forward to our monthly team events to break up the monotony, have a good laugh and decompress.” – Chris Rapp, President & Owner

He made a call to Chris Sparks, owner of Surelocked in Escape Games, a local Frederick, MD company TCC had used several times over the past 2 years. As both Chris R. and Chris S. brainstormed, they decided a virtual Trivia night would be a great team event. Because Chris S. had hosted several in-person trivia events at bars previously, but never on Zoom, it was a perfect opportunity to test out the idea.

Trivia Nights are designed to be a friendly competition between teams consisting of several rounds to see who has the greatest knowledge in a designated topic during each round. Instead of dividing the TCC staff into teams, Rapp & Sparks decided to have each person who logged into the game night event become a team consisting of whoever was with them at that location.

“It was an out-of-the-box way for everyone to get together with our Triple Crown family as well as our family at home.  Everyone got super competitive with their scores, and it was a fun way to see everyone without actually being together.” – Jacki Grubb, Accounting Manager

The Trivia game kicked off with lots of chatter as the staff waved to children and various spouses across the Zoom screen they hadn’t seen since March 17th due to shelter-in-place orders. Once the hellos were done, the game began in earnest. The main theme for the night was “The Decade in Review / 2010 – 2020.”  Topics spanned from politics, pop culture, entertainment, sports, and a customized category focused on Frederick, Maryland facts.

Some of the staff had the advantage of larger family teams, and others had to fend for themselves.  Everyone at TCC loves to win, and there was no shortage of competitive spirit and playful teasing at each stage of the game. The guesses to some of the answers ignited laughter all around. There were many moments when everyone thought they knew what the answer was, followed by grins when they got it right or shocked looks when they got it wrong.

Angie and her daughter began racking up points, so Rhody turned his already highly competitive spirit even higher by creatively sharpening his trivia skills to keep pace with them. Bonus point categories were opportunities for everyone to gain ground, but Angie and Rhody continued to hold the lead.

As Chris Sparks went on mute to total scores after the final round, he listened to TCC’s varied conversations including inquiries about answers they weren’t sure of, moments of teasing each other, and authentic check-ins to see how others were doing.  Sparks reminisced that “Everyone was there, and they were able to put aside roles and come to life as a family – poking fun at each other. They have the type of company culture most people wish their workplace had.”

When Sparks read off the final scores, Rhody was forced to concede victory to Angie, while Angie humbly acknowledged that her daughter was the real winner since she knew most of the answers!

“It was a fun ‘quarantine’ trivia happy hour with the crew being competitive, laughing and enjoying something different outside of their normal business roles.” – Fany Armendaris, Project Coordinator

“We had a great time testing our respective knowledge in some interesting topics while satisfying the need to for a little friendly competition. I hope everyone learned a little and enjoyed the laughs! And congrats to everyone for finishing behind the Mother/Daughter tag team in Angie’s house and the one man show in mine!” – Rhody Ross, Business Development Manager

“It was nice to see Chris Sparks. He made the escape room event fun when we were there last year.  He has a good, positive energy and light.  Once he came into the Zoom room and started talking, everyone got lit up and excited about the Trivia event.  We’re a competitive bunch and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy competition.  It keeps us on our toes and helps us work together better.  We still root for each other despite the competition “ – Zoe Eackles, Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Gift cards to Surelocked in Escape Rooms were given to both Angie and Rhody for 1st and 2nd place.  Then a surprise prize was given to the person who had the least points.  When Mark realized he had “won” that prize, everyone including Mark, laughed jovially as he was presented a library card displaying a dunce cap with the words “Spruce Up on Your Trivia Facts!”

“Last place didn’t mean I wasn’t participating!  We were all engaged to have fun and win if possible.” – Mark Cooney, Project Assistant

Evenings like these showcase TCC’s social and family side. Chris Sparks recognizes how special TCC is as a company because they aren’t heavily focused on contracts and money. They truly value fun and enjoy spending time with each other outside of business hours. According to Sparks, “Anyone can do trivia. TCC’s wide variety of personalities carry a genuine enthusiasm and excitement that isn’t phony. They brought magic to the event in a way that couldn’t have been planned or faked. The fun TCC was having was contagious, and I found myself being out matched by funny and witty remarks from the TCC group throughout the evening.”

During this coronavirus situation, it’s even more important for business leaders to make their teams feel valued and appreciated, and to keep their spirits high because people everywhere are so afraid.  Virtual gatherings like a Trivia Night are definitely a way to do that.

“We at Surelocked are there to help a company keep their teams engaged.  If you want to arrange it, even during this time, you can create something special that no one has tried before…because sometimes in unimaginable times, you need something unimaginable to make a difference.” – Chris Sparks, Co-Owner of Surelocked in Escape Games

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