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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

April 16, 2019

As the 2019 school year comes to a close, millions of High School Juniors are looking towards their Senior Year with a mixture of joy at being much closer to graduation as well as a bit of apprehension about transitioning into a new type of school environment to complete a college degree. Most students and parents focus on the educational, prestige, and lifestyle benefits of a college campus when making their final decisions. But one thing is certain, regardless of their true reason for choosing a school, the look and feel of the campus becomes part of their decision as well.

According to Hallie Busta’s recent article on ConstructionDive.com titled, “Test Lab for Timber Technology: College Campus Construction,” she explains that “Campus architecture follows no distinct formula. But some styles are more popular than others: turn-of-the-century Gothic Revival buildings; the minimal and glassy designs of the mid-20th century; their boxy and brute successors. And today, a new class of energy-efficient structures that pull from and give back to the environment. These buildings are sometimes used as tools to showcase advances in design and engineering, drawing eyes and acclaim to the institutions that house them.”

Wood construction is certainly not a new industry, Busta acknowledges. But what is new are the technology advances the timber industry has achieved over the last few decades. Busta shares that CLT (cross-laminated timber) has become an emerging construction option. CLT is made of “dimensional lumber stacked crosswise and bonded together for use in structural wall panels, roofs and floor plates,” and that this type of mass timber can be used in lieu of concrete and steel in certain types of construction. It is currently being used in 34 mass timber buildings on U.S. campuses, and nearly 500 other types of commercial projects across the country.

Mike Johnson, the associate vice chancellor of facilities management at The University of Arkansas, expects their CLT residence halls under construction to become a teaching tool because he believes, “Timber offers educational opportunities through an assessment of the unique structural components.”

Whatever the reason, college campuses across the U.S. now have yet another option to draw students in to selecting their school above others through designing campus buildings that promote a commitment to sustainability, local industry and innovation.

To read the full article by Hallie Busta about this innovative construction approach, click here.

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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