Top Hotel Trends in 2020

Top hotel trends that will dominate 2020


The hospitality industry is changing rapidly and hotels that stay ahead of the curve will be the most successful ones. Here are some of the hottest trends the hotel industry will see in 2020:

Smart Rooms

Smart rooms are one of the latest developments in the hotel business. The internet of things (IoT) is no longer just about smart homes, but smart hotel rooms as well. From letting guests access their rooms and using streaming services from their smartphone, the digitization of amenities is speeding up. The ability to change the room temperature or call the concierge with a tap on their phone is quickly becoming a necessity in the minds of hotel guests.

Eco-Friendly Hospitality

Encouraging Federal tax credits have made it easier for hotels to choose solar energy to slash energy bills. Hotels have the option to use their own solar panels or buy solar power from an electricity provider. Other eco-friendly trends include not using plastic, motion-sensors for lighting, improved water conservation and waste disposal, and meat alternatives.

A New Workforce

The modern and increasingly tech-driven world and hotel business requires a new breed of workforce which goes beyond demographics. Generation Z, unionization and labor management are all aspects of the new workforce trend. 2020 is also expected to be the year of hotel worker safety. Several states have passed laws that require hotels to use employee safety devices.

Alternative Accommodations

Travelers today have numerous options besides the traditional hotel room experience. From hostels to vacation rentals to underwater hotels, there’s no shortage of alternative accommodations. While not everyone can shell out $20,000 per night for an underwater hotel room, other accommodations need to be provided by hotels.

This trend includes the rise of co-living and co-working. Also, vacation rental no longer just means getting a beach house. It can mean anything from cabins to apartments to airstreams! Mobile hotels are another sub-trend in the alternative accommodations arena. They’re still in their conceptualization stage but may offer big rewards for hotels who perfect this kind of accommodation.


Technology based trends in the hotel industry is much more than smart rooms. For instance, Hilton’s digital check-in lets you choose a specific room before you arrive just like you would do with your seat on an airline.

Social media marketing is another hot trend; hotels need to go beyond Facebook and Twitter and look into leveraging Instagram stories and TikTok videos to reach more customers. Other important tech trends include superfast internet, translation apps, RFID, contactless payments and AI-based pricing.

Hotel Design

Hotel design trends of 2020 will set the tone for what the hotel of the future will look like. For instance, the hyper local design is an interesting sub-trend. Probably influenced by Airbnb, this trend is an answer to the guests’ desire for a “local accommodation” that suits the destination.

Indoor + outdoor is another hotel design that will dominate 2020. This can manifest itself in things like lobbies filled with plants, screened windows in rooms, and high-end art gallery experiences offered within the hotel.

The ability to stay on top of the latest trends spells success for a business. The same goes for hotels in the hospitality industry. They can’t afford to lag behind with these hotel trends in 2020 and will have to focus on developing their service with the shifting times and evolving expectations of travelers.

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