Top Trends to Attract New Hotel Guests

The new trend is to bring luxury facilities to more affordable hotel types.


No one could’ve guessed in Jan 2020 that the words “New Normal” would become the catchphrase for the beginning of this decade. Industries across the board are being forced to shift gears and find innovative ways to maintain their previous customer base as well as capture new ones. This especially includes hotels within the hospitality industry that are reinventing themselves to recover from the lengthy shutdowns earlier this year.

Patrick Landman, CEO & Founder at Xotels, has been keeping track of what has changed across the globe within the hotel industry. He provides a thorough overview of how they are rebounding in his article featured on HospitalityNet. Titled “The Latest Developments and Trends in Hospitality for 2020 & 2021”, the article covers three basic areas: the need for higher-level customer service, consumer trends, and concept trends. Each one provides insight into the reshaping of guest priorities caused by the COVID19 pandemic, and showcases the ways hotels are responding by revamping operations from top to bottom.

Landman says that safety has become the new luxury, offering several suggestions for how to implement that mindset across your operations through technology, communication and marketing ideas. He also presents many examples of what some hotels are doing to entice guests to select their properties over others in the area. Some of these examples are wellness initiatives, nature integrations, hotel guest events, and local excursion experiences.

One of the most interesting examples of adaptation Landman mentions in his article is The Green Elephant (TGE) Hostel, Maastricht. Their new concept “brings luxury facilities, such as a full spa, to more affordable hotel types such as hostels. TGE has managed to tastefully merge more upscale amenities with the economical benefits of shared sleeping facilities, elevating the whole hostel experience to a new level.”

Landman’s article is chock full of great tips and many more examples of new developments and trends.  To read the article in full to generate additional ideas for your hotel property to rebound in our “new normal,” click here.

If you are a hotel owner or General Manager considering a renovation project to enhance your property to meet “new normal” guest desires, don’t hesitate to send us a project bid or contact us. We make every project is a Partner-Grade Experience for our clients.



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