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Random Acts of Kindness, Earth Day, and Coming Together

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

May 7, 2019

Random Acts of Kindness, Earth Day, and Coming Together

It’s the little things in life.

Sometimes those little things are an over-the-top, caramel-drenched coffee confection from Starbucks that you treat yourself to after a long day at work. Sometimes it’s running into an old friend and getting to say hi while doing your grocery shopping.

And sometimes it’s literally little things, like little brightly-colored rocks that catch your eye around town and remind you to stay positive and do your best to bring something of happiness to another’s day.

That’s the idea behind Frederick Rocks, a Facebook group of local individuals who have a simple but effective mission: “To connect the cities and towns in our community, to encourage art, and promote random acts of kindness as a way of life in Frederick county.” The way they go about this is encouraging people to paint something positive or fun on a small rock, seal it with an acrylic sealer (to keep the design from washing off in the rain), and then hide it around Frederick County for others to happen upon unexpectedly and receive an unanticipated burst of happiness in their day.

It’s a moment of human connection—someone spent time to decorate this rock and left it where you’re standing now, admiring their work—that can remind us about what’s important in life, and can sometimes lift up a stranger when they need it most.

Triple Crown Construction’s own Zoe Eackles is a member of the Frederick Rocks group, and for April’s company community event she encouraged TCC team members to join in the fun. After all, Triple Crown is an organization that values community, family, and giving back, so everyone was on board for this exercise in camaraderie and kindness.

rock painting by TCC team

To close out the workweek on Friday, April 5th, the whole company gathered in the warehouse (rebranded as the “crafting area” for the day”) to paint their own rocks. A number of employees even brought their little ones, making it a family event! Unsurprisingly, we have a lot of talented and creative people working at Triple Crown Construction—the rocks by Zoe, Marshall Rimerman, and Catherine Payne really impressed, and theirs weren’t the only ones. Fun (and in some cases, startlingly accurate) depictions of cartoon characters, guitars, hippos, feathers, peppermint swirl candy, and even the occasional slice of pizza—pepperoni of course—were among the designs with which our budding artists adorned their rocks.

painted rocks by TCC team

Some jokester even made a pun on their rock, painting a complete 4-poster bed to transform the stone into a “bedrock”! And it wouldn’t be a Triple Crown event without the TCC logo and a hard hat popping up!

rock painted with TCC logo

“It was great to see the whole team come together to express their creative sides,” said Zoe. “I was pleasantly surprised to discover that quite a few people on our staff have some serious artistic abilities they’ve kept hidden up their sleeves! It was fun to see them come up with an idea for what they wanted to paint and then get really into it. This was a nice little therapeutic break from everyday stresses, and a great way to end a work week!”

But of course, we couldn’t stop there—the rocks were painted, but still needed to make their way into the world! To celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd the Triple Crown Construction team headed to Baker Park and Carroll Creek Park to distribute our creations—almost 75 painted rocks in total!

The team found some great “hiding” spots for the rocks among trees, shrubs, and flower beds of the parks—the greenery provided perfect half-cover where the colorful stones could be found but wouldn’t be too obvious—but also hid a few along man-made features such as stairs, benches, and ledges whenever there was a nook or cranny that looked like it could use a little brightening up.

We started our reverse-scavenger hunt near the Band Shell and bell tower in Baker Park, making our way through and over to nearby Carroll Creek Park to drop off what remained. On the way back, we noticed a couple of the rocks had already been found! By lunchtime, the Frederick Rocks Facebook page was already updated with news from someone who found a rock of ours—a young boy near La Paz restaurant!

TCC Rocks - Found outside of LaPaz


It was an amazing pair of events for the Triple Crown team—we had the chance to flex our creative muscles in a new way while bringing a little sunshine and positivity to our community. Keep an eye out if you’re a Frederick local, you might just find one of our creations on your morning jog—and let us know if you do, #tccrocks!

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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